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More Thoughts From Me Nintendo Switch Edition

Last night, out of nowhere, Nintendo told us that we would see a preview trailer for the NX today. Now we’ve seen it and we know its real name: Nintendo Switch. What is this new system? What do I think about it? Welcome to More Thoughts From Me Nintendo Switch Edition!


Nintendo Switch is a hybrid. A lot of people kept saying that the NX would be a system that you could take with you, like a portable, and also play at home on the TV. Those people were right. We also had a hint of a patient for a detachable controller too. And of course, it looks like the games will be on carts too. In the end, just about everything about the Nintendo Switch was leaked out on the internet. Some people believed the rumors, some people, like me, didn’t. You would think it might be disappointing to know almost everything ahead of time. Guess what? It wasn’t disappointing at all! In fact, I was blown away by this new console.

We have included Abdallah’s reaction video below, and you can find all his content here.

First of all, I really like the consoles name. I’ve thought for awhile now that Nintendo needed to get their name on the next system. Its very smart to have the system be called Nintendo Switch. Right away, non-gamers, casual gamers, and just plain old gamers in general will know that this new system is from Nintendo. They will also realize that its a new system, unlike what happened to to the Wii U. And the switch name seems to have a double meaning.

The obvious meaning to switch is being able to switch between a console and portable experience. The player will be able to put the console in a docking station that will be connected to the TV. So you can play games on your TV with the switch controller or with a classic controller (much like the Wii U classic pro). Of course, you can also take the Switch screen out of the docking station, connect the controllers to its sides and take the system with you wherever you go. Its a very brilliant design. But as my dad pointed out to me, Switch could have a different meaning too. With all the third party support coming to the Nintendo Switch, why not switch from Xbox or Sony to Nintendo?

The biggest surprise of the trailer for the Nintendo Switch and the PR that came after, had to be all the third party support. Nintendo has never had this much third party support before. Companies like Take-Two and Bethesda have never supported Nintendo. Plus, they have Capcom, EA, Square Enix, and many more on board too! The third party support is impressive. It is likely that Nintendo + third party support is going to give Sony and Microsoft a run for their money. Its going to be harder for people to support those systems. Microsoft and Sony will need to double down on major first party support!  But you do have to wonder how long will third party developers stay with Nintendo Switch? It really depends on how well Nintendo sells the system.

What will the price of this new system be? When in March will the system come out? What games will appear at launch? These are questions we don’t have answers to. I think the system will be cheaper then the Wii U. I’m hoping its $200. Yes, thats an insane number, but the system is a portable/console. Portables are cheaper. Sure, consoles are higher too. And this is both, so maybe my price is unrealistic. It might be $250 or $300. I don’t see this system being $350 or $400. I don’t think the system will be too high. I think Nintendo wants everyone on board the Nintendo Switch! As for when the system will come out, I think it will be the middle of March. We know that Breath of the Wild will be a launch title. I was expect some major third party releases at launch too. Imagine if Skyrim made launch! That game looked great on the Switch screen. Whew. Here’s hoping we see Final Fantasy and other cool games too. And since the games are carts, the price for them should not be too high. The Nintendo Switch could be huge! Here’s hoping for the best.

Anyway, those are my first thoughts about the new Nintendo system. What did you think about it? Please share your thoughts in the comments.



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