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One Hell of A Ride

One Hell of A Ride is a fast, weapon armed racing game. Is it worth checking out or should players turn back at the starting line? Here is our review of One Hell of A Ride for the Xbox Series S!


One Hell of A Ride is a racing game where you use cars that have weapons on top of them. The other cars have weapons on top of them too. What this means is that you can get ahead in this game by shooting at your rivals. The opposite is true too. There is also temporary speed boasting. So you can do multiple things that’ll help you win in each race. The races are each set pieces with a little bit of a description that introduce them. You have to win each one in order to unlock the next race.

There are new cars to buy with money you earn from each race. Cars can be upgraded too and the upgrades actually will help you win races. You might have to try a race a few times before winning it or gaining the right upgrade, speed and/or weapons, to power forward. The races are fun and the game controls alright, but its too bad that there isn’t more to the game.

One Hell Of A Ride only has one mode. There is no multiplayer or other modes like battle mode. A battle mode would’ve been amazing for this game. Local or online multiplayer would’ve added a lot too. Even with unlockable cars and races, One Hell of A Ride has a limited shelf life of fun. Its PS2-style graphics are fine. Its soundtrack is even not bad. It’s the lack of game modes that absolutely makes One Hell of A Ride just an okay game.


One Hell of A Ride is a fun game if you’re just looking for a quick racing game to play. The game only has one mode and it really needed more. Its car combat and its racing style only will take it so far. This is a game you’ll quickly get bored with and move on to another, more modern racing game. One Hell of A Ride isn’t a bad game but its not a good game either. If this comes to gamepass, it could be a neat distraction but as is, we can’t recommend this game.

One Hell of A Ride gets a 6.5 out of 10.

A digital code was provided for this review. One of Hell of A Ride is now available for the Xbox Series S!


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