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More Thoughts From Me: Super Mario Bros. Wonder Impressions

Super Mario Bros Wonder came out last week and I’ve been playing it a bunch since I got it this week on Monday. How do I like it so far? Here are my thoughts so far!


I’ve been playing Super Mario Bros Wonder all week and enjoying it a lot. Our editor-in-chief Adam Roffel gave the game a 9.5 out of 10. But what do I think of it?

I grew up with 2D Mario games. My very first game ever was the first Super Mario Bros. Then I played the second game, third, and Super Mario World. I’ve even played some New Super Mario Bros games and the Super Mario Maker games. So yes, I’m a big fan of 2D Mario. I never thought anything would top Super Mario Bros 3 or Super Mario World! Super Mario Bros. Wonder might be the game that tops them all.

Mario Wonder is packed with creativity, its part Super Mario Maker meets 3D Mario meets traditional 2D Mario and a bit of Donkey Kong Country. Just when you think you’ve seen everything the game has to offer, a brand new enemy, powerup, stage, or more is revealed. The Wonder seeds add even more unpredictability to the game by making things even crazier. You just never know what challenge you’ll face when running into a Wonder seed.


The game isn’t too hard but does present some challenges once and awhile. One of the neatest things is that if you leave the online on, you can sometimes get help from the shadows of other players. I even had a shadow directly lead me from one part of a level to another in a level I was having trouble with! The online in Mario Wonder can be a lot of help.

Super Mario Bros Wonder is just fantastic. The level of creativity found in this game is something on the level of the NES/SNES games. Maybe even better than that. Nintendo seems reenergized with this game. Mario and his friends are in an unpredictable and extremely charming world that is so much fun.

I can’t wait to play more of this game. I’m just loving it.

What do you think of Super Mario Bros Wonder?

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. Super Mario BrosĀ  Wonder is one of the best games of this year!


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