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Made By Google 2019 – Environment, Security, and Connectivity

Today’s Made By Google presentation from New York City outlined the next 8-10 months of Google, where the company was going, and which new products they were bringing to the table. In this quick follow-up article, we will be looking at three main themes that Google presented today: being environmentally conscious, protecting your data, and making all Google devices work well together, as well as alone. Let’s dive in!


Protecting the Environment

As Climate Change and environmental concerns rise to the surface around the world, Google has focused their efforts on making their company as environmentally friendly as possible, which includes being 100% carbon neutral since 2007. But Google is going a step above, which includes investing 150 million into renewable energy projects around the world.

The company themselves are also working on new endeavors to be conscious of our environment, including the use of plastics to create the major parts of their Google Home and Google Nest products. In a world where major corporations get a really bad name for their treatment of employees and the treatment of the environment, it’s great to see Google taking these steps to not only provide quality products, but do so with the environment first and foremost in their minds..

Your Security

My home exists in the Google Environment, and the number one thing people ask me when I talk about all my Google Home products is, “Aren’t you worried about security, or what Google is collecting from you.” As I was not fully aware of what was being collected, my response was always a vague, “I’m not sure, but it doesn’t seem to affect me very much.” Now, Google is taking a harder stance on your security. Having a secure network was already available on the Google Pixel 3, 3a, and 3XL, and that security is coming back to the Google Pixel 4 as well.


Further to that, Google is implementing new security features into their Google Assistant that will allow you to delete your chat history with Google completely, or focusing on the past 24 hours, past week, etc. What is most impressive, however, is how Google is onboarding as much of the Google Assistant help to your devices as possible, as shown by the use of Google Assistant and new recording software while being in airplane mode. Google is making your security its top priority, and we are really looking forward to seeing them achieve this through the new lineup of Google Home, Nest, and Pixel products.

Working Together

What Google has worked towards is creating a suite of devices that work really well together. In my home currently, we have a Google Nest Hub, Google Home (x2), Google Home Mini (#3), Google Pixel 3 XL, Google Pixel 3a, the Google Pixelbook, and more. Having these devices work seamlessly together has been huge for us, and that only continues with the new Google Nest Wifi system, which not only looks stylish, but better connects all your Google devices within the home.


Even better, the Nest Wifi system not only functions as your wifi hotspot, but also has all the capabilities of the new Nest Mini device, which means your wifi node is a multipurpose tool that provides even more functionality.

Using your other Google screen products, a quick scan of a QR code will get friends and families visiting your home connected securely to your wifi quickly. No longer will you slowly spell our your long, complicated password. Now it’s easy and seamless! Further functionality on the Nest Wifi will allow you to also control devices within your home, which means you can disconnect your kids devices from the wifi with a click of a button, which works well when they have homework to do, or when you feel their ‘screen time’ is over!


We will have more on the full slate of new Google products soon, so stay tuned!


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