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Google Will Win You Over With Security

With the Google Pixel 6 launching today, it seems that Google is going to win you over to their brand new, high end flagship phone by promising you security features unheard of on other platforms, and some new features coming to the Pixel 6 before other phones.

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And it really all begins with the Titan M2 security chip which is promising to protect your data and enhance security on your phone like no other phone maker on the planet. With hackers and scam artists becoming more and more sophisticated, Google have upgraded their past Titan chip to stop these attacks on you and your information.

And this is a key feature, especially during a pandemic. More and more, health care providers are using phone applications to share medical history with you, allowing you to carry around your medical history in your pocket. In Canada – or at least in Ontario – the Government even plans to roll out an application that will allow you to quickly show when required whether you are vaccinated for COVID19 or not. Don’t kid yourself – a lot of your information is stored in that app and online, and your medical history should never be accessed by other people.


But Google is going even further with security features. Ever walk past a group of people working on laptops in a cafe? Check and see how many of them have little pieces of tape – or sticky notes – over the camera on their computers. Why? Because they are not always certain who is watching them and why.

Google is promising to provide new Android features to Google Pixel owners first, one of which will display and indicator on your home screen in the top corner whenever your microphone or camera are activated, which means you know when someone might be able to hear or see you. This gives Pixel users peace of mind that their security is Google’s number on priority.

So how is Google standing out from companies like Apple who have been making premium phones for over a decade? Security. During today’s event, it was one common theme across almost every mini presentation. Security. Security. Security. As a phone user, I love it.


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