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Google Innovates with its Camera Again

Google Pixel phones for many years was seen as the premier device for snapping photos and taking videos, but over the years, the competition has understandably caught up to Google, who perhaps was a bit complacent over the past few years. It seems like that is about to change with the Google Pixel 6.


Magic Eraser

I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve shot a picture on a cell phone only to have it ruined by a single person in the frame, or perhaps a nice city shot with a giant pylon stuck in the middle of the street denoting a pothole. With Magic Eraser, you can remove those items from your pictures, while the software fills in the space using the are surrounding it. And from the example shown off during the Google event, this seems like it could work really well.

We always loved taking our new Pixel device onto Disney Cruise’s and would shoot a ton of photos. I have some absolutely gorgeous photos on the Google Pixel 5 from the top deck that are almost perfect, except for a few kids, items, etc. ruining the view. And with some editing software on my iMac, I was able to clean up the photo so I could have the photo I really wanted. But I wasn’t able to post that until after my trip. With Google Pixel 6 and the brand new camera features, I could do it on the spot!

While this is my most anticipated camera feature there are other features we cannot wait to try out on the Google Pixel 6! What are you most excited about when it comes to new feature on the Pixel Camera. It is Motion Mode for those night time or nature shots? Or is it Face Unblur, which will help make those hard to grab photos of your kids better!

What’s amazing, is this is all being powered by powerful software. Game changing, once again.



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