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The Flame in the Flood Will Survive This Week on the Nintendo Switch eshop

Warning! Warning! Nintendo Switch owners are about to be hit with another big week of eshop releases. And there is one game that I really wanted to highlight today. The game is called The Flame in the Flood and it comes out this Thursday. Check out the game’s launch trailer and then please come back for my impressions of the game.

I really like the look of this game. The Flame in the Flood brings a unique survival genre game to the Switch. The graphics look nice, but what really catches my eye is the gameplay!

The main character of The Flame in the Flood has to look for things to survive and even gets to build things, like a raft, that help him get to other places in the game. The crafting mechanic in this game looks very interesting. But it looks like that’s not the only thing you’ll be doing in the game!

The trailer reveals other characters that you’ll talk to, pets that’ll follow you, and creatures that you’ll fight. The player will really have to have their wits about them in order to survive in The Flame in the Flood!

I think The Flame in the Flood has a lot of potential. Hopefully gamers will check it out this Thursday, October 12th!


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