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Fire Emblem Warriors Review-in-progress Part 2

Its been awhile since we’ve seen a console Fire Emblem game. And we’ve never seen a console AND handheld Fire Emblem game before. That said, we have seen the Fire Emblem characters in HD before thanks to the Smash Bros game on the Wii U. So we know what to expect right? Well, not exactly. The Fire Emblem characters in Warriors look different than the ones we saw in Smash Bros. This entire game is different from that game. How different? Read on to find out!


Fire Emblem Warriors is the first HD Fire Emblem game. There was never an HD Fire Emblem game for the Switch. The FE series stayed on the 3DS during the Wii U era. So, while yes, we did see some of the Fire Emblem characters in HD for Smash Bros Wii U, we never saw them in a game of their own on Wii U. Its too bad because the characters in Fire Emblem Warriors look amazing in HD.

The Fire Emblem characters were realistic looking in Smash Bros. In Fire Emblem Warriors, they are still tall and slightly realistic, but they have a cel-shaded look to them too. The cel-shading just makes them look even better than they looked in Smash Bros and previous Fire Emblem games! I am blown away by how amazing the characters look in Warriors.. I also think that the cutscene environments look pretty cool too.

The environments out of the cutscenes are good but there is a general lack of variety in the places you visit. Each level I’ve seen so far has forts that look similar to each other and wide open places that look similar. There are obstacles like lava and fog that add some variety but overall, I wish that you could visit some place without a fort for once. Maybe there are some non-fort levels coming up?

Despite the lack of variety in levels, the characters and the cutscenes make Fire Emblem Warriors a stunning game to look at! On the TV, in HD, Fire Emblem Warriors is a fantastic looking game. And then you see it on the Switch’s handheld screen and its just as impressive as on the TV. Fire Emblem Warriors looks great no matter how you play it. I’m glad this is so because I tend to play Switch games in handheld mode. I definitely think that Fire Emblem Warriors is one of the best looking games on the console so far!

Well, thats it for today. I’ll be back tomorrow for part 3 of my Fire Emblem Warriors Review-in-progress where I’ll discuss how you fight in the game and the mission progression. Its definitly different from your typical Fire Emblem, but how different is it?



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