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Fire Emblem Warriors Launch Trailer

Fire Emblem Warriors is coming out for the Nintendo Switch and New 3DS this Friday, October 20th. Nintendo released a launch trailer for the game today. Please take a look at the trailer and then come back here for my thoughts on the game!

Fire Emblem Warriors will be out for the Nintendo Switch and the New 3DS this Friday. I think its likely that the Switch version will be the better of the two, but I wouldn’t count the New 3DS version out. If you don’t have a Switch and you’re a Fire Emblem fan, then you’ll probably want to pick the New 3DS Fire Emblem Warriors up. If you own both systems and can only get one version, I’d say go for the Switch one!

I’m a big fan of the Fire Emblem games. Warriors does have a lot more action then a regular Fire Emblem game, but with each trailer, this game is looking better and better. On the Switch, you’ll be able to show that action on the TV screen or hold it in your hand. And I know the game’s graphics has improved a lot since the first time Nintendo showed it. I also think that Warriors History mode sounds pretty cool.

We will be getting a review copy of Fire Emblem Warriors and will be doing a review-in-progress! I hope you look forward to our coverage of this game. What do you think of Fire Emblem Warriors?


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