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BetterHelp Presents How Gaming Benefits Your Mental Health

There are many reasons why gaming can benefit your mental health. For example, some people feel that playing games can ease their anxiety.


For some, it provides a sense of accomplishment. Others find gaming to be a source of social support. Some individuals find that gaming gives them a welcome distraction. Here are some ways that gaming can benefit your mental health.

Sense of accomplishment

Gaming can provide people a sense of accomplishment. When you accomplish things in the game you’re playing, it feels good. It can empower you and provide you with a sense of confidence. You’re good at something, and you have tangible evidence of your success.


Whether it’s earning coins in the game universe, making it to the next level, or unlocking a secret door, it makes you feel good. It can provide you with the confidence to pursue goals in “real life.” It’s empowering to play a game and get good at it. It makes a player feel that they gained a skill. Gaming with a goal in mind is a great thing to do for your mental health.

Challenge yourself

There are some games that are mentally challenging. It’s healthy to push yourself sometimes. It can be good for the memory and hand-eye coordination to play games. You want to engage your mind, and that’s what a great game does. Gaming isn’t passive. When you’re watching Netflix or TV, you’re zoning out, whereas gaming is a fully interactive experience. It’s a way to stimulate the brain and get better at something you love.


Life can be incredibly stressful, and gaming is a great distraction. It provides a sense of pleasure, and you’re getting a shot of dopamine to your brain when you play games. There are so many different obligations that we have to fulfill in life. But, when you’re gaming, you don’t have to worry about them. You can take a break and engage in something that’s fun.

Making friends

Online gaming is a great place to make friends. You can find people to talk to who have the same gaming interests. You can talk about the game and bond over collective experiences. It’s a social experience when you’re gaming. It’s not only about distracting yourself or accomplishing goals. You may be playing a game that makes you part of a team or an online tribe. Gaming can make you feel like you belong somewhere. That’s a wonderful feeling.

Social anxiety is relieved.

For those who have social anxiety, gaming provides a safe space to be themselves. They can socialize with other gamers in a low-key way, or they can game alone. There’s no right way to engage in gaming. It can be a relief to step out of the real world and into your virtual universe, where everything is familiar to you. It makes a person feel comforted. You can chat with friends online, but you don’t have to if that makes you anxious.


Online therapy for gamers

Gamers are used to being online. If you struggle with anxiety, and you’re a gamer, you can talk to an online counselor about it. Everyone has mental health challenges, and you may become aware of some when you’re in the midst of gaming. Online counseling is an excellent place to work through any issues you have, whether it’s in the gaming world or in real life.

You can try using a company like BetterHelp for online therapy. You can learn about them here You can also download the app in the Google Play store here: It’s easy to put your mental health on the back burner, but don’t wait to get help. If you’re struggling with any mental health issues, online therapy is a great place to get through them.

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