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An Artist and His Monsters: A Preview of Concrete Genie for the Playstation 4

Every time Sony has shown Concrete¬†Genie for the Playstation 4 its looked like something special. The graphics and the wonderfully unique gameplay looked thrilling. So when Sony Interactive Entertainment Canada gave us a review code, of course we were excited to check the game out! While a review of this game isn’t ready yet, we thought it would nice to share some first impressions of the game! Is Concrete Genie something special?


In Concrete Genie, you play as a young boy who is a very good artist. He likes to draw monsters in his notebook. We don’t want to give away too much of the story but we will say the monsters end up coming to life.

The monsters can be drawn onto walls in the town that you explore. There are other things, scenery for instance, that you can draw onto the walls too. The drawn animation is absolutely beautiful.

And its not just the artwork in this game thats great. The gameplay is a lot of fun too. Its not often that a game uses the PS4’s motion control so well. To paint things on the wall, you move the Playstation 4 duelshock controller around. You do not have to be an artist. Its easy to select what you want to draw and then aim at the wall, push a button, and things appear on the wall.

It seems like a simple concept but the artwork on the walls lead to puzzles and unlocking new areas. The main character can also climb up on roofs and zipline to different areas via phone lines. And while there is no health system in this game, you can “die” if you fall too far and you will have to avoid some other kids or suffer a horrible fate. Concrete Genie isn’t too hard yet but it is a ton of fun.

We have no idea how long Concrete Genie is nor if it will continue to be a high quality experiance. We’ll continue to play it and hopefully have a review soon!

Are you playing Concrete Genie? What do you think of it?

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