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Almost Time to Visit the Lonesome Village

Do you like cozy simulation games? Are you looking for a game that looks like Legend of Zelda expect with the combat and with farming? Then I suggest a visit to the Lonesome Village. Check out the announcement trailer for the game and then come back here for our thoughts on the game.

Lonesome Village will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on November 1st, 2022. And it looks adorable.

In Lonesome Village, you play as coyote who is trying to figure out the secrets of the village and save it for evil. There is no combat in the game. Yes, it totally looks like a classic Legend of Zelda game but its not that at all. There are puzzles, but you also get to farm, fish, and make friends too. The game looks so cozy and really fun.

I absolutely love simulation games, especially ones where you get to fish. So Lonesome Village looks right up my alley. I think if you love these types of game and Legend of Zelda, then you’ll want to put this one on your eshop wishlist. Its coming out pretty soon too. A few more weeks and you can visit Lonesome Village!

What do you think? Ready to book your trip now?


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