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Abdallah Walkthrough of Super Mario Odyssey

Good friend of the site, Abdallah, has had Super Mario Odyssey for about a week now, and has been working hard to put together a 100% walkthrough of Super Mario Odyssey. With the Embargo lifting this morning, all 16 of his episodes are now available online for your enjoyment. On top of that, to celebrate the launch of Super Mario Odyssey, Abdallah is partnering with another YouTube channel to give away a Nintendo Switch; on his own, Abdallah is taking new sponsors on his channel – at the reasonable cost of 4.99 – is giving them their own Power Moon, and will be drawing names from a hat to receive random Nintendo amiibo!


While The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was the game that launched the Nintendo Switch this year, Super Mario Odyssey is the game that will carry the system through the holiday season. While many have called Breath of the Wild, Game of the Year, from what I’ve been reading and seeing to date, Super Mario Odyssey will definitely give Link’s new adventure a run for its money!

We’ve embedded the first of Abdallah’s Let’s Play’s below – The Cap Kingdom – and you can find the rest by visiting the Super Mario Odyssey Playlist here!





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