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X16 In Toronto A Major Success

As a resident of Ontario, there are only a few events that 1) every make it our way, or 2) that I actually want to go to. The best events – almost always – is the Microsoft X events in Toronto, Ontario. This years X16 was packed full of great things to play, and although I was unable to attend this year, there was lots to get excited about.


Lots of games were on display, some playable and some not. However, the hype for the next years lineup of Xbox One titles seems to be very, very real. Here are a couple titles we are excited about:

Gear of War 4

Many have already played the multiplayer beta, but Gears of War was showing off the campaign at X16. From what we have seen and read, this should be a much anticipated title for many Xbox One gamers. Initially, the first thought was – holy crap, that game looks great!

What I did notice, though, is huge changes to the cover system and the weapons. Initially, the cover does not look that different, but most of the cover spots are only temporary, and can be destroyed by enemies. This really changes up how the game works, and will make a huge difference.

To be continued throughout this upcoming week.


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