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What is a Multiversus and what you should know about its characters

While being a crossover fighting game Multiversus includes characters from different comics, movies and cartoons. Here you can meet heroes from Warner Bros, DC, HBO and Cartoon Network and try your abilities in a single or a multiplayer mode.


Time is running out – let’s get down to business! Our team spent a lot of time and effort compiling a Multiversus best characters list for you! We have done everything to make your life easier.

In the future, the information will lose its relevance because it is only relevant at the time of the current patch. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you updated about all the innovations.

Our Top of Multiversus characters

So, our tier list of characters is especially for you:

  1. Top Tier. Without further ado, the best at the moment is Bugs Bunny. Strong abilities, the best projectiles (and the meta is now around them), stability and comfort in almost any game situation and mode. Rightfully the best! But for how long?
  2. High Tier. Velma, Steven Universe, Tom and Jerry, Batman settled here. In some cases, they can even claim to be the strongest characters. And they didn’t quite meet the mark to be called the best.
  3. Lower High Tier. This tier is the most densely populated, with some very ambiguous characters. There are: Superman, Jake the Dog, Reindog, Morty, Harley Quinn, The Iron Giant, Finn the Human, Shaggy, Arya Stark, Wonder Woman. Separately, we highlight Morty – one of the recently added characters. He could be one of the worst from the start, but it’s not that simple! This character has something to show, you just need to understand him and his abilities.
  4. Mid tier. Garnet and Lebron settled here. A very ambiguous couple, but they cannot be described as weak. Better not start with them if you are a beginner.
  5. Low tier. Taz is objectively the worst, weakest, and most incomprehensible character after the recent nerfs. It doesn’t show anything spectacular in most situations. Developers will be required to change the current situation around him.


The top is compiled after many hours of play and can be considered fairly objective. But it is possible to find even more info – just visit! The site with the most relevant data about Multiversus we found. To be honest, we used a bit of their work in this article. So you know what to do!

A word of advice to all Multiversus players, especially new ones

Friends! We had a lot of fun putting it together. Because we needed to play a lot of matches on all the characters and read the information from other users. But still we liked it! And this means that you can play for conditionally weak characters and have fun.

We recommend you follow this advice. Play and improve your skills, and even a weak character will sparkle. We wish you success and many victories.