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The Top Strategies to Use for Roulette Games

Interestingly, concepts for the roulette wheel date back hundreds of years. The initial premise was to create a wheel that made a source of energy. But, unbeknownst to scientist and mathematician Blaise Pascal, in the mid-1600s, he began the archetype for the modern roulette wheel, which would later become a famous and much-loved casino classic.


Today, roulette is a fast and fun game that has won the hearts of many casino goers in-person and online.

To play land-based or online roulette, the rules are pretty simple. The aim is to predict what number, color, etc., the ball in the roulette wheel will land on.

As such, bettors select and place their virtual or physical chips on one or more numbers, colors, and the options ‘even’ or ‘odd’ on the roulette table.

When the dealer spins the wheel, all bets pause. Participants watch eagerly as the tiny ball bounces around and across the roulette wheel before meeting its final destination.

Players who succeed in their estimations will win additional chips or cash proportionate to their bet. Whereas loser’s chips are swiped from the table into the physical or online casino’s pocket. And the game continues.

There are a few roulette variations beyond the European version to learn before deciphering the top strategies to use while playing, such as American, French and online versions.

American Roulette

The American roulette has a single and double zero. Whereas the EU version only has one zero. Meaning the odds of winning an EU roulette game are higher.

Moreover, the European and American roulette wheels both have numbers 1 to 36. However, the order of those numbers differs.

Plus, there’s an additional betting option in the US version of roulette called the five-number bet, which covers the double zero, zero, and numbers 1 to 3.

Roulette has many different variations of the game.

French Roulette

French roulette is nearly indistinguishable from the European version of roulette, except there is no double zero.

Moreover, the board displaying the numbers is arranged differently. But this does not impact the gameplay.

Additional rules in French roulette include La Partage, which means if players have bet on red, black odd, or even. Should the ball land on zero, the player can get half their stake back.

Alternatively, players may use the en prison rule, allowing them to keep their entire stake on the table for the next spin. If the player using the en prison rule wins, the player will receive their whole stake back. But if they lose, the house wins their total bet.

Online Roulette 

In recent years, numerous online casinos have created and introduced new variants of roulette to offer something different to their players.

Mini roulette, for instance, is widely available at online casinos. As the name suggests, it’s a mini version of the traditional roulette game, involving fewer numbers and betting options.

Multi wheel roulette is another version of roulette that is gaining popularity, too—allowing participants to bet on the outcome of numerous (between 2 to 8) roulette wheels in one sitting.

With the different variations of roulette covered, below are a few strategies to consider using while playing.

Roulette is a casino game that is now commonly played online.

The Martingale System

Most popularly used in online roulette games. The premise of this progressive strategy is simple. After each loss, players double their bets. So that when they win, they will eventually get the money they lost back.

After a win, the player begins betting with their starting amount again.

To make the martingale system work for you, it’s essential to place bets on even-money outside bets such as red, black, even, odd, 1 to 18, and 19 to 36,

With a 50% chance of winning, outside bets offer a 1:1 pay-out. Meaning players get back the exact amount of money they bet before the wheel rotated.

D’Alembert System 

This strategy is also dependent on players placing bets on even-money sections of the roulette table.

But rather than doubling the stake after a lost bet as described in the martingale method. Instead, the player adds just one unit. And when they win, the bettor removes one unit and continues playing, subsequently adding units each time they lose.


This strategy is ideal for players unsure about doubling their stake after each loss, as described in the martingale strategy.

The Fibonacci System  

A safer alternative to the martingale system is the method based on Fibonacci numbers, which features a sequence of numbers where each following digit equates to a sum of the previous two numbers. Thus, players’ bets are depicted based on adding their last two bets together.

By using this method, players potentially improve their odds of leaving with more money than they started with.

Before putting your newfound roulette knowledge and strategies into action, it’s time to source a reputable casino site supplying the roulette games you want to play and how you want to play them.

For instance, some casino sites offer live casino options featuring roulette games in real-time, with a dealer present. Here players can interact with the dealer and chat with other players. This is an ideal option for online roulette players who enjoy and want to indulge in the game’s social element.

Moreover, don’t forget to search for casino sites with different games you can play too, such as poker, baccarat and slots. With the added benefit of promotional offers. Such as free cash to play or a matched deposit scheme. Sign-up incentives are great for building up a player’s pot before they start playing.