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Sound BlasterX G6 Onboard Buttons

The great things about the Sound BlasterX G6 from Creative – outside of the amazing plug and play capabilities – is the host of onboard buttons and switches that allows you to quickly alter your sound output with a few quick presses. When not hooked up to your PC – so when using it with the PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch – the ability to easily alter the settings with an associated program is not an option. Thankfully, Creative has us all covered!


Of course, the device itself has a USB power cord port to keep the device going, and a variety of line-in/line-out ports to connect up to whatever you are using. I always used optical out from the console, into the sound card.

The most important button in my opinion is the scout mode button. Scout Mode is Creative’s way to enhance whatever headphones you are using with super sensitive sound. Crouched behind a barricade in PUBG or Call of Duty and are unsure of what’s going on around you? The G6 with enhance all that audio. What people seem to fail to recognize is that the development team behind these games have built all of these sounds into the game – in audio terms they do some of the best jobs in the US. It’s whether or not your audio device can project them, and with the G6, we know it definitely can.

Scout mode will enhance almost everything, from conversations between enemy combatants, to the sound of someone reloading a gun, coughing, or even shuffling their feet. If someone moves or whispers, you’ll be able to hear it with Scout Mode. While I fully believe this should be toggled when playing any video games, it definitely should be pressed when playing shooters and stealth experiences!

Discussing what pressing the SBX switch actually does is outside my knowledge, but thankfully Creative has us covered. Check out this information from their site,


The on-baord system also includes a Gain button, which will not useful for average consumers such as myself, is a great addition for those with more audio knowledge. You can find out more about how these buttons enhance your audio experience by visiting the Creative website!

And of course, the device also comes with an on-board volume switch; in my time with it, I left it almost maxed out, and then used my buttons on my Sound Blaster headset, but again, for those with more knowledge then myself, there are ways to optimize the sound to be better than you can ever imagine!

And that’s about it! The G6 is a tiny package that provides a huge bang for your gaming audio experience. At the GamesReviews offices, we don’t look at games anymore unless connected via the Sound BlasterX G6! It definitely is a solid product!


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