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Pokken Tournament DX is Perfect for Friends

I like to think I hang out with a nice diverse group of friends , with different likes and dislikes. When throwing a party, trying to appease everyone at once can be a bit daunting, but I found a surprise friend on the Nintendo Switch: Pokken Tournament DX! It seems that regardless of what they like – whether they enjoy fighting titles, or even Pokémon for that matter – people are willing to sit down and match strength with another person in a Pokken match. I think I know why.


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Pokken is a pretty flashy title, and often times, flashy titles come with complex and hard to understand controls. For the most part, that isn’t Pokken. Yes, there are a number of button combinations you will need to press to pull of some fantastic moves, but ultimately, it comes down to ranged attacks, close attacks, grab attacks, and counter attacks. Know those 4 basic moves, and you probably can have a successful and entertaining match of Pokken.

The other reason, though, sort of comes from that competitive, esports like environment. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is fun, but my friends never crowd around a TV to watch 4 other people play. Despite that, when Pokken came on, people gathered round for match after match, calling next or just enjoying the fun of two friends battling it out. There is an esports vibe to evening when Pokken Tournament DX gets pulled up on the Nintendo Switch, and everyone crowds around like it’s paper view fight night.

Check out this video from Abdallah, and click on this banner below to hop over to his YouTube page!


The bottom line is that regardless of your skill level, Pokken Tournament DX is pure, easy fun. Sure, there’s a chance you get that guy at the party that crushes everyone, but when two similarly matched players go toe-to-toe, what happens on screen is as exhilarating for them as it is for those watching. For the next little while at least, Pokken Tournament DX will be my go-to party game, ahead of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Arms. While those two games will still make an appearance, neither unifies the party like Pokken does!

Pokken Tournament DX is available today at your favorite retailer, or online on the Nintendo Pokken page!



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