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Pokemon Lives in Various Forms

Whether you love or hate it, collecting pocket monsters has never been so much fun. It’s amazing to see the evolution of the franchise as it moved from handheld devices, cards, tournaments, consoles, and lately, mobile. Today, Pokemon lives on in so many forms, and we cannot get enough at!

On mobile, Pokemon fans have two great Pokemon options: Pokemon GO – which is all the rage, even with people who have no idea exactly what they are doing – and the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online (PTCO).
Both games are free to play, and while there might be some enticing reasons to actually spend real money, you can totally play both without spending a dime. I’ve logged significant hours into both, and don’t regret it for a second!


Recently, Pokemon Snap released on the virtual console in North America, and replaying the game was not everything we hoped it would be. You know how you sometimes idolize things in the past, but when they are reintroduced to you, you realize just how bad they are?
That was Pokemon Snap.
It was fun for a few minutes, perhaps hours, but after that you are left wondering why you dropped so much money on this when it released on the N64!


We are only a few months away from the launch of Pokemon Sun and Moon, and although it doesn’t seem like a whole lot will change in the formula, we will be getting way more Pokemon then I ever imagined we would.
Too bad those starter Pokemon all look like crap!
Are you still living the Pokemon dream? How are you catching them all?

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