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Playstation 5 Release Date and Price Announced

During today’s Playstation 5 video event, the price and release date for the system was confirmed! We have the info below, plus check out the awesome PS5 event video.

The Playstation 5 will be out on November 12th, 2020 and cost $499.99 CAD (399.99 USD) for the digital console and $629.99 CAD (499.99 USD) for the physical media one.

$399 is a bit higher than the Xbox’s $299 for its new digital system. Will this make a difference at launch or not?

Also: With only a hundred between the two Playstation systems, which system will sell better? Its anybody’s guess. The world is changing and digital still could be the future. Though there is still a lot of people who love physical. Its good to have options in any case.

Sony announced a new PS5 benefit too: the Playstation Plus Collection. It’ll be available at launch and include games like Ratchet and Clank (2016), Uncharted 4, God of War, Last of Us Remastered, and more. Will this be Sony’s Game Pass competitor? What does this mean for PS Now?

A lot of cool things were shown during the video and we will have some more articles on PS5 announcements soon.


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