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My Friend Peppa Pig

Everyone’s favourite pig is coming to all platforms at the end of October. Outright games, known for their family fun entertainment is at it again. My Friend Peppa Pig looks promising, as a fun adventure for everyone to enjoy. I recently watched the trailer and I am excited to give it a try.

Many locations are in this game: Peppa’s house, Granny and Grandpa Pig’s house, the forrest, Snowy Mountain, museum, famous play group, beach and Potato City! Who doesn’t like Mr.Potato, your friend and mine. My Friend Peppa Pig is single player experience, which ventures away from some of the multiplayer games they’ve been releasing lately.

Outright Games has such a busy game release schedule, it’s remarkable, I hope they keep quality in mind. This has been a struggle for them as of late. Still, for those really excited, My Friend Peppa Pig is available for pre-order at almost every major retailer.

Another good selling point, it looks like the game will have so many characters from the television series. My Friend Peppa Pig is slated to Oink into our lives on October 22nd,2021. Are you looking forward to this game? Leave a comment with what you’re excited to see the most. As a father with several young children I know they want to play this.



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