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More Thoughts From Me Special Edition: It Was An Okay Nintendo Direct

Nintendo had a Direct today. I saw it a bit later than most people. I was busy this morning. When I finally saw it…well…there were some things I really liked but….overall it was an okay Direct. Let’s talk about today’s Nintendo Direct!

Nintendo had a Direct today and it was…well…it was OK. It wasn’t the worst Nintendo Direct they have ever had but it was far from the best.

There were some great announcements though. I should talk about the stuff I loved first.

Of course I have to start with Legend of Zelda! We finally got a name for the Breath of the Wild sequel. The game is called Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. And what a great title! Wow. I love it. The game itself looks incredible. What was that flying device at the end?! Whoa.

Tear of the Kingdom also got a release date: May 5, 2023! Very nice.

My second favorite announcement? A new Fire Emblem game was announced! Fire Emblem Engage will be coming in January of next year. It looked fantastic. I loved it.

After that there were some announcements I liked too. Octopath Traveler 2, of course, looked amazing. The world looks bigger and there’s trains and boats and the awesome HD-2D style looks better than ever.

I’m happy and I’m sure other people are too that Goldeneye 007 from the N64 will be coming to the NSO 64 app soon. I never played the game. Can’t wait! I am a James Bond fan for sure.

I also loved that Harvstella was shown again and there is a demo out now! Yes I downloaded it and you’ll see a First Thoughts from me as soon as possible!

Crisis Core looked great. The remake of Kirby Return to Dreamland looked like a lot of fun too. Finally, there were a bunch life sims shown off such as Rune Factory, Story of Seasons: Its A Wonderful Life, and Fae Farms. All of them looked great!


So yes, there were a lot of things I liked but there was a bunch of stuff I didn’t. There was so much junk packed in with all the good stuff. Square Enix announced some other new games, including one that comes out today, that didn’t look that great. I was still hoping for those Pixel Remasters and Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster. sigh.

And Nintendo didn’t announce any other new game for this year! All of the new game announcements were for next year. I guess they are depending on Pokémon for this November sales. No new Zelda or Mario announcements. We did get a hint of Pikmin 4 but thats for next year.

I was hoping that this Direct would be awesome. Instead, it was just okay. Some cool announcements were buried among a bunch of not so good announcements. I’m not sure why Nintendo decided to do a 40 minute long presentation. Ah, well. At least we finally got a new main Nintendo Direct!

What did you think of today’s Nintendo Direct?

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. Tears of the Kingdom is such a cool title!


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