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How to choose a gaming smartphone for bitcoin casino

While choosing new smartphones most people are considering a camera or looking for a specific brand, but there is a unique audience that is on the hunt for performance. If you belong to it, then you will be interested in this article. We’ll consider a different feature set that really affects to the efficiency of your phone.

The mobile games and bitcoin casino market is growing at an impressive pace every year. According to forecasts of the analytical firm Newzoo, gamers’ expenses will exceed 180 billion dollars, 59% will be on the mobile market, 22% on consoles, and 19% on the PC. This is understandable because every year more and more people become owners of smartphones and begin to use more of their capabilities than just calling or sending SMS.

Recently unveiled mobile games carried over from PC, as BTC slots or online Roulette, have shown that even simple smartphone owners are able to get cool digital entertainment.

So, on which details should you pay attention while choosing a gaming smartphone?



The most popular resolutions on smartphones are HD, FullHD, QHD. The average pixel density on FullHD smartphones is 400 PPI, and on QHD it is 500 PPI. On a small screen, you practically won’t notice the difference. But on the other hand, than higher the resolution, then more the GPU strains, which means the power consumption increases. But you need to remember that some mobile games require detailing, such as Bitcoin casinos.


Both displays will have good viewing angles and though the daily using you don’t get the difference, there are a couple of advantages to AMOLED. Firstly, it’s much brighter. Secondly, AMOLED is more energy-efficient, because displays made using this technology don’t have active backlighting, each pixel is lit separately.

That is, when a pixel displays black, it is actually turned off. The screen is not reflected. You will not see reflections on the screen, as well as under the influence of direct sunlight, you will not feel discomfort from viewing, unlike IPS. However, AMOLED technology is more expensive, which means this will either affect the final price of the product, or the manufacturer will have to save on something else in order to keep the price competitive.

Another disadvantage is screen flickering. Manufacturers are trying to solve this problem with the help of DC dimming, but your eyes will get tired anyway more than if you choose an IPS screen.


There are several big players on the market, Snapdragon, MediaTek, Kirin (Huawei), Exynos (Samsung), and Apple processors (A10X, A11, A11X). Processors differ in the number of cores, core frequencies, and semiconductor technology.

Than more modern the processor, then more flash memory and the number of cores can be placed on it, and then less energy it consumes. Among Android devices, the first lines in the ratings are occupied by devices with top-end processors HiSilicon Kirin 980 and Snapdragon 845. We tested these processors with different bitcoin casino sites, and we made a conclusion that everything works perfectly.

Inner memory

Modern smartphones have from 8 to 512 GB of internal memory. In recent years, flagship mobiles have been abandoning the memory card slot. But someone still leaves them and thus makes their device more attractive in the eyes of the buyer. For an ordinary user, 32GB of internal memory is enough, unless of course, you plan to store multimedia content.

We don’t recommend less than 32GB (except if it is possible to install a memory card there), because from the declared 16GB you will only have access to 10-12GB (the rest will be occupied by the firmware and applications installed by default), for example, Bitcoin blackjack Mobile weighs 2.2GB.


For smartphones, RAM is the main key for multitasking, i.e. opening multiple applications at the same time. This will be important if you plan to play and stream your gameplay. On most modern Android phones, you will see a wide range from 2 to 8GB of RAM. It is easier for a manufacturer to install more memory than to optimize the operating system. By the way, Apple does the opposite – attaching great importance to optimization.

Therefore, an Android smartphone with a well-optimized OS and 4GB of RAM may have better performance compared to 6GB and poor optimization. So how much to choose in the end. This should not be your headache, because if a top-end processor is installed in the smartphone, the amount of RAM will be adjusted to the required volume. In Apple smartphones, you don’t have to think about it at all, be sure their OS is well-optimized.

Manufacturability and safety

Another parameter that modern gaming providers mobile phones are working on is security. It would seem that security hasn’t link with gaming, but in fact, gaming phones have a higher risk to be hacked than ordinary ones. First, the threat comes from the applications (games or bitcoin casino).

You never know if there are any hidden features in the application that you installed. Yes, of course, the game developers won’t do this, but attackers can disguise viruses under the brands of famous game providers. Secondly, your personal data is at risk. In addition to purchasing the application, you often have to make payments while playing.

Therefore, you indicate all the information about yourself and your bank card, and if this data is stolen, you will lose your savings, or even worse … The provably fair bitcoin casino system was specially developed to solve these problems. Thanks to provably fair technology, you can check the game for fairness. It is very important to check if the developers have similar technology in their portfolio.

Gaming manufacture Provably fair games availability
NetEnt ✅ YES
Microgaming ✅ YES
Playtech ✅ YES
SoftSwiss ❌ NO



It is also a very important parameter in mobile gaming. Battery performance is simple – then more than better, but without a well-optimized OS, it may be that the phone with a less capacious battery will work longer than with a more capacious one. The main energy consumers are the screen and the processor.

Cooling system

We’ve all feeling the heat of the device while playing demanding games. Modern gaming phones are trying to solve this problem as well. For example, the Razer Phone uses heat pipes that conduct heat to the metal body of the smartphone.

The Xiaomi BlackShark uses a vapor chamber. And the Asus Rog Phone, in addition to the vapor chamber, was developed with an external fan that is attached to the device. It is also worth noting that this isn’t so important for playing at bitcoin casinos, since online gambling applications are not so demanding on the phone’s resources.

Optional accessories

Although it may seem unfair, in relation to other players, manufacturers have begun to release additional accessories, thanks to which the control in games becomes more comfortable and efficient. You can purchase a branded GamePad for the Xiaomi Black Shark smartphone. Motorola has released the MOTO GamePad Mod, which complements your smartphone with full control, like on consoles joysticks.

Asus left in front of everyone, releasing a large number of accessories. They have in their arsenal, a module with a second screen, an external fan for cooling, a controller with the ability to broadcast the game to a TV, and a whole station thanks to which your smartphone turns into a computer.