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How and where to play Crazy Time

Crazy Time from Evolution is a fun and easy game for everyone. It can satisfy you whether you are looking for high payouts or entertaining mechanics. You can find it from amazing online casinos that are affiliated with Evolution. Here is everything you need to know before you play.


How to play

The rules of the game are simple. Pay attention to the base roulette and notice all of the pockets on display as well as the stopper at the top. Guess from the following choices and win equal to the odds of the option. Wins start at 1:1 so every option is sure to multiply your budget.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 5
  • 10

Of course, the game is named ‘crazytime’ for a reason. Aside from the four numbers above, the Crazy Time wheel can also land on any of the four options below. These are bonus modes where each one is guaranteed to reward the players more winnings than the 1, 2, 5, and 10. You have to place your bets on them to be eligible for the bonus rounds.

  • Pachinko
  • Coin Flip
  • Cash Hunt
  • Crazy Time

Other elements of the game

Crazy Time shows a big wheel that the dealer manually spins in a clockwise direction. Aside from this, the game has other elements that make it very crazy, hence its name. First is the top slot which is aptly named because it’s slot reels at the top of the wheel. Every bonus round shows a new game equipment that the dealer plays for all lucky winners.

Top slot

The top slot has two reels and one row. The left reel displays one of every pocket on the wheel. Whichever appears in front gains a bonus multiplier for the winners of that bet. However, the wheel has to land on that chosen pocket for winners to gain its benefits. Multipliers appear on the right reel which multiplies the rewards from x5, x7, x10, and x20. If the right reel lands in between two multipliers, then it adds no multiplier to the result.

Bonus rounds

You have to wager on the bonus rounds to be eligible for their benefits. The odds are low as there are only three instances per Coin Flip, two for Cash Hunt and Pachinko, then one for Crazy Time as the biggest-paying bonus. All winnings from getting bonus rounds are 1:1 by default and the new game dictates how much it will be multiplied by.

Coin Flip brings the players to a new machine with one big physical coin that the dealer inserts on a slot. The machine then shows the multipliers you can get from either side. Cash Hunt brings the players to a machine with 108 symbols. Every winner gets to choose one from all symbols and they multiply their winnings based on what they get.

Pachinko brings the players to a tall machine where the dealer places a ball from one of the random slots at the top. It will slowly bounce around inside the machine until it reaches the bottom and enters one of many pockets. All players win the multiplier that the pachinko shows.

Crazy Time brings the players to a new room filled with computer-generated graphics. It shows a bigger wheel than the original with three stoppers at the top and all pockets show multipliers. Before the dealer spins the wheel, all players have to choose one of the three arrows and they each get what that arrow shows.

Crazy Time, Pachinko, and Cash Hunt have an item called ‘double’ among the possible wins. If players get the double, then they play the game mode again but all multipliers are doubled. Crazy Time has ‘triple’ which works similarly to ‘double’ but all wins are tripled. Pachinko and Crazy Time can trigger these multipliers repeatedly so players can really have a crazytime to win big rewards using small bets.