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Google Launch Night In – My Twitter Trip Through Google’s Newest Products

Today, Google unveiled their newest devices, tech, and software that will be launching through the end of 2020, and did so in an outstanding, 30 minute showcase. From outlining the brand new 5G phones, to showing up the Nest Audio, there was no shortage of new – albeit not surprising – announcements this afternoon. While we work on our full fledged article, take a trip through my tweets below to see what grabbed my attention the most!

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First up was the new Chromecast with GoogleTV!

Shortly after, Google showed off the benefits and numerous channels available in YouTube TV, a 64.99 per month, no contract TV bundle currently available in the United States.

Nest Audio was up next. This device, available in 5 different colours, will be a game changer in our home. Although we might be sad to see some of our other Google Home devices find new places to live – likely with my parents – we cannot wait to spend the 99 USD per device to bring our house into 2020.

Next up was Google’s two brand new phones, the Pixel 4a 5g and the Pixel 5. Interestingly enough, this year Google has opted to not release an XL version of their standard Pixel line, instead going with a single device in the 5. While this might be a disappointment for some, it’s good to see Google put more time and energy into new software as opposed to multiple hardware devices. And based on the presentation, there is a lot of new stuff coming to Google Pixel!

Google closed out the show by showing up Ubisoft’s upcoming title, Immortals Fenyx Rising running on Google Stadia and on the Google Pixel via 5G. If a game like that can run via 5G, Stadia is in for big things when the newest range of phones drop soon.

We will have more on the entire showcase, including reviews of many of these fantastic devices, so stay tuned!


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