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Gaming on the Google Pixel 4a

We have been working through our review of the Google Pixel 4a, and have basically come to the conclusion that it is the best, mid-market cell phone currently available to purchase. From stellar battery life to a fantastic camera, the phone does basically everything you’d want, without the unnecessary processing power and high price tag. But ultimately at GamesReviews, we always end up talking about games. After a month or so of playing various games on the Google Pixel 4a, will it deliver a solid gaming experience?


The Pixel 4a is sporting a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G chip – the G here means the processing has been enhanced slightly for gaming. When we reviewed the Google Pixel 3a last year, we loved the phone but didn’t think it held up well when put under the strain of various games. Games like Asphalt definitely had some issues, and my fairly large town in the Simpsons Tapped Out provided other challenges. It was passable, and useable, but not ideal.

That’s why I’m happy to say that this year, Google has provided enough power under the hood of the Pixel 4a to play every game I tried on the device. And it played them well. Load time and movement in the Simpsons Tapped Out was fantastic, and this was especially satisfying because the town I had built when I had the 3a (and struggled with) was now much larger, but the experience was also much better.

blankThe phone also handled the latest Asphalt game incredibly well. The Asphalt series has been known as the premier game on mobile when it comes to graphical output and processing needs. The Pixel 3a and the Snapdragon 730G handled it beautifully, delivering a smooth, enjoyable experience.

Once I saw Asphalt up and running on the Pixel 3a, I knew there wasn’t a game the phone wouldn’t be able to play. On top of processing power, the fantastic screen also made gaming enjoyable. Other similarly priced phones – specifically the iPhone SE – could also handle most games, but I never felt they looked as good as they did on the Pixel display.

The final benefit is the light, plastic design. When gaming for a long time on devices with metal and glass, it can become strenuous on the hands, especially with the larger XL sized phones. With the 4a, I could comfortably game for hours without hand cramping or feeling excess weight.

Finally, I still love how seamlessly Google phones interact with Stadia. The experience on the Pixel 4a was identical to what I got on the Pixel 4 XL, just on a slightly smaller screen. If you are wondering how Stadia performs on this hardware, have no worries – it’s perfect!

If you want to play games, and want a mid-tier priced phone experience, look no further than the Pixel 4a. It’s truly the best phone at this price in 2020.



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