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DRAGON QUEST TREASURES | Gameplay Overview (Trailer)

Dragon Quest Treasures is coming to the Nintendo Switch on December 9th, 2022. Square Enix released a new overview trailer for the game today. And we have thoughts on it! Check out the trailer first though.

Oh wow. Dragon Quest Treasures looks AMAZING.

Where to start? Well, first of all, Dragon Quest Treasures is a spinoff of Dragon Quest 11. It features Eric and his sister, both of whom were in Dragon Quest 11. This is an adventure they had when they were younger. That said, the game obviously takes inspiration from other Dragon Quest games too.

First of all, Dragon Quest Treasures seem to have some of Dragon Quest Monsters in its DNA. Monsters will help you out in and out of battles. It is also an action rpg, not a turn-based one.

The game also takes inspiration from Dragon Quest 9 where you have flying train and a big tree in the distance (though there was tree in Dragon Quest 11 too). The way you find treasure is also inspired by Dragon Quest 9 and Dragon Quest 7.

According to the overview trailer, you get hints, pictures, of where a treasure is and then you go dig it up. This is similar to the maps you got in Dragon Quest 9 and the stone pieces from Dragon Quest 7. The game also gives you a base that feels Dragon Quest Builders inspired.

Oh wow. You get your own base in this game. You can put treasures you collected on display and you use the base to recruit new monsters, cook, and more. Its so cool that you get your own base to come back to in between finding treasures. The base looks amazing. The monster recruitment is cool. Its also very nice that you can send monsters on dispatch missions, basically missions they’ll go on their own in, to find treasures. That is so Final Fantasy Tactics of the game.

Dragon Quest Treasures looks like its going to be a game that every Dragon Quest fan will want to get their hands on this holiday. What do you think of the game?


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