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Voyage to the Great Beyond: A Look At Spiritfarer On Nintendo Switch

Spiritfarer is a simulation game about…death. Its a game where you basically play a reaper who guides spirits to the great beyond. Sounds like a pretty dark game right? Actually, not so much. Let’s take a look at Spiritfarer for the Nintendo Switch!


Spiritfarer is a game I’ve had my eye on for awhile. Ever since it was revealed, I thought it looked like a pretty neat game. Yesterday, during the Indie World Showcase (link), a new trailer was shown for the game and we got a release date…

The game came out yesterday.

And right away, I knew I had to buy it. I love simulation games. Not only that but Spiritfarer looked like a really neat game.

As it turns out, Spiritfarer is a really neat game. Its also beautiful and oh so addictive.

In Spiritfarer, you play as Stella. She is a reaper. Her job is to ferry spirits on to the great beyond. Sounds simple right? But its not just as quick as “hey lets go spirit” and then taking the spirit right to the pearly gates.

No in Spiritfarer, you get a boat and you fix up the boat. You collect spirits and they help you build up and maintain you’re boat. Your goal is to help these spirits eventually pass on. You’ll have to figure out what unfinished business they have.


I haven’t gotten that far into the game though. At the point where I am, I have three spirits on my boat. The boat now has a guest house, a private room, a kitchen, and two gardens.

Its really cool how you collect material for new rooms and then can easily have them built and place them on your boat. The building mode is very easy and very cool to use.

The player can also fish (I love fishing mini-games), talk to the spirits, visit different islands, and collect stuff from the islands and from the sea. The boat can be further upgraded and I suspect there is even more things that you can do in the game that I haven’t run into yet.


I am very early on in the game. I’m having a ton of fun with it though. Spiritfarer might seem like its dealing with a dark subject matter, death and passing on, but it doesn’t deal with it in a dark manner. The game is so lighthearted.

The characters and dialogue are full of humor and heart. You can even hug the spirits. You can hug your cat. Spiritfarer is a beautiful game, both in looks and in the manner of its gameplay.

Seriously. Just stop reading this article now and go buy this game. Spiritfarer is a must own for the Nintendo Switch (or whatever system you want to buy it on). I love this game!


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