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More Thoughts From Me #81: Rewrite History #DuckTales!

Might solve a mystery or rewrite history…Ducktales! Woo–oo. (stops singing). Yes, today I’m going to talk about Ducktales. Specifically Ducktales Remastered, a video game that came out on the Wii U awhile back. I’m sure it came out other places too but I played it on the Wii U. And now seems like a great time to talk about this game again with the new cartoon having just premiered last week! Was I supposed to talk about something else today? Sorry, wasn’t feeling it. Check out Adam Roffel’s New 2DS XL review for the 3DS family love. Today…I’m talking Ducktales! Woo-oo!

Ducktales Remastered was a remake of the Ducktales NES game. I’m not sure if I ever played the orignal. But when I saw the footage of the new game, I knew I had to have it.

I watched Ducktales all the time when I was a kid. It was on during Disney Afternoon and I’d make sure to catch it. I loved that cartoon! Years later, though, when I tried to watch it again I couldn’t get into it. It hadn’t aged well for the older me. However, the Ducktales Remastered video game had my attention. I especially loved that trailer they did of it with the original theme song (see that video up above! Watch it. Live it)

Wayforward did a great job of remaking this game. I won’t beat around the bush any longer. The game’s graphics remind me of the old cartoon, so do the voices in the game, and the gameplay is really fun. Uncle Scrooge is the main character and the levels are sort of Metroidvania like. There’s hidden places to find, treasures to collect, and a story that seems like it could’ve been out of the old cartoon.

The Ducktales Remastered video game recaptured my memories of the old toon. I enjoyed it so much. And just here recently, I played it a bit again. Gee I wonder why.

The new Ducktales cartoon premiered its first episode last Saturday. It was so good. The animation was totally different from the orignal and the humor was different too (it was funnier imo), but the characters and the setting and theme song…just a lot of it captured the spirit of the original Ducktales show. The new cartoon looks like its not just going to tap into the nostalgia of the first show but also introduce a new mythology and new mysteries.

So let’s rewrite history. Go back and play Ducktales Remastered. Check out the new cartoon too. There are lasers and airplanes to find. Its going to be a duck blur.

Next week: The Truth Is Out There. I think back to an X-Files PC game I played and wonder what an X-Files game these days would look like. I mean, come on, why haven’t they done one!?

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts presented here are mine and mine alone. Excuse me, I’m going to go play some Ducktales Remastered and then watch the next episode of Ducktales next Sat…what?! I have to wait till September for the next episode!? Ugh.


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