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The tale of Evan’s Remains.

Evan’s Remains is a puzzle platformer game released June 11, developed by Matias Schmied and published by Whitehorn Digital.  I’ll do my best to avoid any spoilers for you as I talk about it.


Let me start by saying that I enjoy both puzzle games and platformers.  Obviously this game was going to catch my eye.  The overall graphics are nicely done.  The puzzle levels are clear and readable.  The characters are recognizable for who they are even with slight pixelization.  The background visuals lend a nice atmosphere to the overall setting as well.

When the game moves to cut scenes however, the graphic style changes immensely.  These graphics are done with an anime style.  This brings life to the characters and allows you to see the emotions they are experiencing.  From my perspective, the expressions appeared to follow and fit with the dialogue of the game.

Regarding gameplay, the controls seem responsive and not overly complicated.  The total game length is shorter than what I would normally like.  Completing the game can be done in about an hour or so if you skip the cut scenes.  I highly recommend that you do not skip these as they are key to the story.


If you like a good story, this game should not disappoint you.  I certainly was not expecting to get drawn in and captivated by it, but found myself thoroughly enjoying the experience.  Well crafted and nicely paced, I was mesmerized.  Well thought flashback scenes and hanging suspenseful moments left me eagerly awaiting the finish.  My patience was well rewarded upon the completion of the story with a deep appreciation to the writer and developer.

So, if emotional, story driven games or puzzle platformers are your thing.  I highly recommend Evan’s Remains by Matias Schmied and Whitehorn Digital.  I eagerly look forward to more heart touching experiences from them.



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