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Roomba j7+ Combo Review

Back in November of 2021, we took the Roomba j7+ for a spin, and loved how well it worked in our home. You can read that review here which we recommend as many of the vacuuming features of the Roomba j7+ Combo haven’t changed. For all things about the application, smart detection, and overall vacuuming quality, please refer to that review. We also reviewed the iRobot Bravva Jet M6 robotic mop as well, and while we were not as impressed, it also performed better than expected and became a mainstay in our home.


Here we are in 2023, and iRobot was kind enough to send over the combo unit all-in-one vacuum and mop system. That’s right, instead of two robots on the floor, hogging space and outlets, there is only one. On the outside looking in, this is an easy no-brainer. Although the robot itself is a bit more pricey and the standard vacuum only model, it is cheaper than buying two different robots. With only a few of these combo units on the market, I was interested to see how this would stack up.

Listen, I’ve used a number of different robotic devices over the past few years, and overall my experiences with iRobot have been better as a whole than anything else. Some other vacuums might have better suction, but poor area coverage. Others have great area coverage, but lack in other key areas. While I’ve definitely had issues with iRobot products in the past, they are still my go-to devices for easy, after dinner clean ups!

Off the top, having one unit instead of two is a real plus, and I’m not sure anyone can argue with that fact. Whether it’s worth upgrading your current models is another question entirely, but as we had just remodeled our kitchen area, two robots didn’t fit, we only had room for one. Since late 2022, we’ve actually had our M6 in the closet. Even without a review unit, we were prepped to upgrade regardless, as we find the convenience of a robotic mop and vacuum incredibly valuable.

You can fill the internal reservoir with either cleaning solution or water – not all other companies can boast this – and attach either a reusable pad to the bottom of the robot or a one-time-use pad. In the application, when sending your robot on a cleaning run, you can choose to either vacuum, mop, or both, and indicate both the number of passes you will do, and how much solution you want to spray on the floor for cleaning.

The downside to this dual model is that you’ll need to perform cleaning maintenance more often, as moisture will get into the rollers of the vacuum, and dust can quickly build up into small, muddy clumps. As you should be doing regular maintenance anyways – whether it was a mop or not – this actually shouldn’t be considered too big of a downside. I would, however, do more maintenance than you probably are currently doing on your vacuum only model.

One question my wife had before we unboxed and used the mop was, “What about all our carpets?” The j7+ Combo handles that perfectly, understanding where rugs are in your house, and lifting the wet mop pad off the floor so that dirty water won’t be dragged onto those clean surfaces. Once you are off the rug, the mop pad will flip back under the robot and you will continue on your way. It’s a great system that truly does work. We have a fairly light carpet in our living room off the kitchen, and the mop has NEVER touched it, not once.


I think upgrading to the combo unit is a good idea for those who get a lot of use out of their iRobot devices. If you only use your vacuum and mop sparingly, you are probably OK waiting for a sale or for a new system to release. Either way, this device gets our full seal of approval. It is a device you’ll want to use for years to come.


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