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Road 96

You shouldn’t hitchhike in real life. Its dangerous. But if you want to hitchhike in a game, then you should check out Road 96 on the Nintendo Switch! You never know where this road will take you! Here is our review.


Road 96 is a first person adventure game where you play a hitchhiking teenager. Actually you play more than one hitchhiking teenager! As the story progresses, you’ll find yourself reaching the end of one teenagers journey and moving onto the next. Each choice you make as one teen, through dialogue and interaction with other characters, will effect the story as a whole.

The actual gameplay consists of a lot of walking, dialogue and action options, and some mini-games. Road 96 can feel very slow paced at times and more action packed at other times. One of the things that can make Road 96 difficult at times is its energy meter. If you can get rest or get something to eat, you’ll be fine. If you run out of energy completely, you’re current character will die. This can be frustrating because you won’t always find a place to rest or something to eat in time. At least you know the story will go on though…

There is a lot of replay value to Road 96. The story is very good. It has excellent voice acting to go along with all of the dialogue. The music in the game is good too.


Road 96’s graphics are perhaps its weakest point. They are not bad but some of the people’s faces and environments are a bit rough looking. That said, Road 96 is far from the worse looking game on the Switch and does impress occasionally. Its story, dialogue, and gameplay are its strongest aspects though.

Overall, Road 96 is a really good Adventure game that players will want to play more than once to find out all of the different possibilities on the road.

If you enjoy Adventure games with tons of replay value, then Road 96 is worth traveling on.

Road 96 gets a 8.5 out of 10.

Thank you to Jesus Fabre for providing a review code for this game. Road 96 is now available for the Nintendo Switch.


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