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What Pokémon Go Has Taught Us About Mobile Gaming

The gaming industry is one of the world’s largest and most powerful. And it has grown in stature over the past ten years. And we have seen many different forms of gaming that have evolved and adapted. These days mobile gaming is hugely popular among young people, and Pokémon Go has really brought this to the forefront. So, it’s important to look at what this latest phenomenon has taught us about mobile gaming, and its impact.

It’s Now a Major Player

If we weren’t already aware, Pokémon Go has confirmed it for us. Mobile gaming is now a major player in the gaming industry. Consoles used to rule the roost for a great many years. But they must now be looking over their shoulders at the new kid on the block! Pokémon Go has cemented the strength and power of mobile gaming and really taken it shoulder to shoulder with console gaming. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Nintendo and mobile gaming after Pokémon Go. There’s no doubting it’s been the biggest mobile game ever. More people spend time on Pokémon Go than on Facebook; that’s how popular this game has been! It’s proven that mobile gaming really can compete with consoles.

It Could Spell the End for Handhelds

Before mobile gaming became big, people would use portable handhelds to game on the move. Things like the Game Boy, PlayStation Vita, and the PSP have entertained people for many years. But, since Pokémon Go came on the scene people may well be thinking that they no longer need handhelds. Why would you carry one around when you can just use the APK download and play games on your phone?! It seems a shame to see the end of handheld gaming as it has become something of an institution. But Pokémon Go is a game changer, and it has proven that people can rely on their phones to play games nowadays.


Nostalgia is Big in Gaming

Another thing that Pokémon Go has proven is that nostalgia plays a huge role in gaming. This is a game that many people played when they were teenagers. Now they are grown adults the appeal has been rekindled because of this game. Statistics show us that the vast majority of Pokémon Go players are Millennials. And this is certainly the first mass product they have all embraced. People are downloading the game in droves in a bid to recapture their youth. How many other games will get the same treatment in the future on a mobile platform? Nostalgia plays a major role in helping sell video games, and Pokémon Go has really crystallized this.

It’s pretty clear that the release of Pokémon Go has caused drastic changes within the gaming industry. While consoles are in no immediate danger, handheld gaming devices could be on their last legs. Pokémon Go has changed things now; the face of gaming is never going to be the same after this. Mobile gaming is certainly front of the pack at the moment. And, while it may not capture the gold medal, it’s certainly going to be on the podium.



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