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Nintendo to Air Treehouse Live Presentation This Week

Nintendo announced this morning that there will a Treehouse Live Presentation this week! We have all the details below.


Nintendo Treehouse Live will a presentation this Thursday at 11:30am! The Treehouse will have talk about three things: Splatoon 3’s single player, Splatoon 3’s upcoming demo (this Saturday), and….Harvestella gameplay!

I’m super excited to see more Splatoon 3. I’m especially interested in the single player but it’ll be cool to get more info on the demo.

The part of this that surprised me the most is the Harvestella gameplay. Its supposed to be “world-first gameplay”. This game looks amazing and I’m glad that Nintendo is spotlighting it. Maybe we’ll get a demo for the game too?! Here’s hoping!

Are you excited for the Treehouse Live this week?


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