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Metroid Prime Federation Force Demo Event Coming to Select Gamestop’s This Friday

Metroid Prime Federation Force will be coming to the 3DS very soon. If the Blast Ball demo that Nintendo released wasn’t enough of a tease, then you may be interested in the demo event coming to select Gamestop’s this Friday!


Metroid Prime Federation Force is coming out on August 19th for the 3DS. Nintendo recently released a demo of the game’s Blast Ball section. During the demo, there was a section that teased the Federation Force part of the game, but it wasn’t much of a look. If you want to see more of the game, then you might want to check out Gamestop’s Federation Force demo event coming this Friday (8/12).

The event will only be coming to select stores though! Please check out source link below for a list of Gamestops that the demo will be at.

My local Gamestop is, of course, not taking part in the event. It never takes part in Nintendo demo events. If your store does, then you are very lucky! I would definitly like to play more of the game. Hopefully, Nintendo will release a Federation Force demo on the eshop soon.

What do you think of Federation Force? Will you be going to the demo event this Friday?

Source: Nintendo Wire


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