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Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle – 4 Tips to Win after a Defeat

We’ve been playing Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle for a good while now, and have almost completed the entire game. While you won’t be able to breeze through the game, there are some things to take note of that will allow you to get through a hard level on your second try, or worst case scenario, your third. Check out these tips for getting through Mario+Rabbids!

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Kingdom Battle

Make Sure your Arsenal is Up to Date

With over 250 weapons available for players to use, you need to make sure you have the best weapons at your disposal. The first time I failed a level, I realized I was using weapons far inferior to what I could otherwise have been using.

Another weapons tip is to scan in a Peach, Mario, Yoshi, and Luigi amiibo to obtain two weapons per scan, one for the actual character and one for its Rabbids counterpart.

While early weapons will only have damage abilities, better weapons will give you chances at other effects, such as bounce back damage, burn damage which causes an enemy to scamper about, potentially taking him out of cover, and the ability to stick someone in their place with sticky honey! Head back into battle with upgraded weapons and you are likely to have a much easier time!

Swap Out Injured Characters

Each chapter can consist of up to 4 individual battles, and without the ability to heal your characters between fights – unless of course you find a mushroom – you can always swap out an injured fighter for a completely healthy fighter. This doesn’t negatively impact your score either, so swap away!

Spend Your Power Up Orbs

Once you’ve unlocked the ability to invest in the skill tree, make sure you head out and explore the various worlds for extra power up orbs. Then, return to the skill tree and grab the upgrades that you think will be most valuable to you!

Personally, I always upgraded the ability to move more spaces for each character and grabbed a few extra health points as well. Each character has these abilities, and then a slew of unique extras for themselves.

Kingdom Battle
For example, I found giving Mario the option to Team Jump and then land on an enemy, before darting for cover an incredibly valuable upgrade. I also found Rabbid Peaches ability to dash attack two enemies Rabbids as opposed to one also valuable. Just remember to tailor your attack approach after the upgrades you have purchased. Giving Mario the opportunity to jump on an enemy after doing a Team Jump isn’t valuable unless you move other characters in such a way to facilitate this action from Mario.

Don’t Wait to Retry Levels

Being aware of which order enemies pop up, and where they start, is also very important. Never rage quit after losing a battle. While the above three tips are really important, remembering how your defeat unfolded will be paramount to future success. Rage quitting after a loss and coming back a few hours – or perhaps a few days later – will make your forget how you lost in the first place.

Take advantage of the knowledge you’ve gained.

The above tips are all valuable, but not an exhausted list. Do you have your own tips? Let us know via social media so we can share it!

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