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Halo Infinite Story Leaked – Here’s How to Avoid

Be warned: if you want to go in fresh with Halo Infinite this November, you’ll want to be very, very careful. Parts of the story have leaked and, as usual, trolls are trying to ruin it for the rest of us.


Test flighting for the game’s multiplayer mode has been going on for the last few days. But developers accidentally included story points within the file. Of course, it didn’t take long for them to get out.

Now people are taking to internet forums, Facebook groups and Twitter threads just in the hopes of ruining someone’s day.

It’s a long time until November – so why are these guys still doing this? What sort of miserable mentality must you have to force spoilers onto the unsuspecting?

And yet here we are.

The Halo Mission Changed

By accidentally including the story missions in the testing version of the game, the developers have given trolls the ammunition they so desperately crave.

It’s an innocent enough mistake, but it means they can spend the next four or so months annoying people. It happened with Star Wars, it happens with Marvel movies – now it can happen with this.

It would take more than a humble article to explain why these people do this. I’m sure we’ve all got an idea or two. But what we can do is figure out ways to mitigate the damage they do.

1: Avoid Comment Sections

This is really good advice regardless of the status of spoilers for long-awaited games.

There’s no way around it. The people that do this sort of thing are also very likely to be using comment sections to do it. That might be on YouTube, Facebook or elsewhere, and they’ll be targetting places where Xbox fans congregate. That might be on the official Xbox social media pages, or it might be on the latest and greatest trailers.

The only sensible way of avoiding this, unfortunately, is to avoid it. Try not to visit comment sections unless you really have to. Like in a Halo-related emergency.

2: Set Up Halo Mute Lists

Where it can be done, you should set up mute lists for certain words. This isn’t an entirely elegant solution, because you’ll be blocking the good with the bad, but it’s better than being spoiled.

So Twitter and Reddit both have means of blocking certain words. Things like Halo and Master Chief are a good start, but you can be as creative as you’d like.

This can make the avoidance in section one automatic, and it might help prevent heartache.

3: Block, Report and Move On

Inevitably, some people are still going to see the trolls. It’s not a great solution, because it means you’ve already been spoiled, but help prevent it happening to other people. If you see anything, don’t forget to report the person who did it and then block them. Not only does this mean the admins can take action where appropriate, but it means if they ever do it again in the future, you’ve already got a step up on them.

Fingers cross it doesn’t happen, but if you do get spoiled, make sure you get your own back in whatever small way you can.


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