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Google Announces Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro

It’s been rumoured, it’s been dissected by every tech YouTuber on the planet, but now officially we have the new Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro…well part of them at least. Today, Google announced their new high end smartphone and gave us a deeper look at the custom system on a chip, the Tensor SoC.


The Tensor SoC is a custom chip on the new Google Pixel phones, but that doesn’t mean the chip doesn’t contain both Google manufactured parts as well as third party parts. At this time, that seems to be unclear, but Google is mighty proud of this new chip and for good reason. It’s going to be pretty damn sweet, but also cost a lot more than traditional Google phones have in the past.

And that is for one main reason – Google is finally releasing a flagship, high end smart phone meant to compete with the biggest and best in the industry. Early images released by Google look outstanding, although as someone who was not a fan of the camera bump on the Samsung phones, I’m concerned about how I’ll feel about this one.

We’ve been working with Google on Pixel reviews since the Pixel 3 XL, and over the years have slowly recieved better and better phones. Prior to the Pixel 6, it’s always been about the camera with the Google Pixel lineup, but with their latest phone, the Google Pixel 5 5G, it became apparent that the camera quality trophy was no longer in the hands of Google, but was rather shared around with Apple and Samsung who’s new (all be it more expensive) phones could produce similar quality images and video.


So Google did what Google does best – started innovating elsewhere, beginning with this custom chip.  But what about those base line specs? The Pixel 6 Pro sports a 6.7 inch screen (6.4 inch on the base Pixel 6) with a 120hz screen refresh rate (90hz on the base Pixel 6). Both phones will have an in-screen finger print reader, as well as the infamous Titan security chip that I believe Google used on their last models.

Again, the camera bump does concern me from a use perspective as I’ve disliked these types of phones in the past. However, as a huge fan of Google products in general, it’s likely something I’m willing to give more of a shot too. That being said, while I said Google was more focused on other aspects of their smart phone, it doesn’t mean the camera didn’t get a bump, and a lot of that is thanks to the new Tensor chip. We haven’t had a hands on demo of that, but other outlets have said the results are fairly impressive, taking blurry photos and making them much more clear, and more.

There will be a ton ore shown off later this year (we assume October) so stay tuned to GamesReviews for more information!


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