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Garden Story Launches on Nintendo Switch Today

I’ve been playing a ton of city building and monster fighting games lately, and they always find a special place in my heart. I freaking love them, and no matter what the background, I always generally have a good time playing them. So that’s why I was so excited to see that Garden Story was launching today, as announced during the Nintendo Indie Showcase.


What is Garden Story all about? Here is a bit from the development team:

Garden Story, the adorable action-RPG where a young grape protects and rebuilds a whimsical community from developer Picogram and published by Rose City Games, hops onto Nintendo Switch, Steam, and the Epic Game Store for Windows PC and macOS, as revealed today at the Nintendo Indie World Showcase. Join Concord, the little–yet mighty!–Guardian of Spring Hamlet on an adventure to reconstruct their beloved homeland and help fellow villagers along the way. Gather resources to keep shopkeepers’ stocks full, explore dark dungeons to scare mean bosses away, fend off the mysterious (and annoying) Rot bothering everyone, and spend Concord’s hard-earned money on the cutest cosmetics around to look great while saving the day.

We will have a ton more on Garden Story in the upcoming week, including a Let’s Play on YouTube at some point today or tomorrow. Until then, let us know if you are looking forward to playing Garden Story in the comments below!

Garden Story is available for Nintendo Switch, Steam for Windows PC and macOS and Epic Game Store for $19.99 USD. It features English-language support. For more information, please visit the Garden Story official website, follow @GardenStoryGame on Twitter and Instagram, and join the studio’s Discord community.


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