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Death Flips Out: A Look At Flipping Death for the Nintendo Switch

Penny dies. Game Over. Well, ok, not exactly. Penny dies, becomes a ghost, runs into Death and then becomes Death. Wait, what?! Welcome to the delightfully odd world of Flipping Death, which I got to play early thanks to Zoink! Games. These are the same people who brought us Stick It To the Man. My review of Flipping Death isn’t ready yet but I thought today, the day of the game’s release on the Switch, would be an excellent day for a preview! So lets take a look at Flipping Death for the Nintendo Switch. Penny will never be the same and neither will you! (insert evil laugh here)


I loved Stick It to the Man. Everything from the graphics to the gameplay to the humor was so weird and wonderful. I felt like I was playing a Tim Burton cartoon. And now with Flipping Death, I feel like Zoink! has gone overboard. They’ve out Tim Burton’d Tim Burton. Is that possible?

Flipping Death starts with the main character, Penny, dying. I won’t tell you how. In fact, I don’t want to give away too much about this game, but I will say that ita odd, weird, strange, silly, and absolutely fantastic. I love the humor in this game. And Flipping Death is fully voiced! So that makes it feel even more like a cartoon instead of a video game!

But what about Flipping Death’s gameplay? Well, its gameplay starts off as something similar to Stick It to the Man (you can even read people’s minds like you could in Stick It). However, being able to flip between the death world and the living world gives Flipping Death an extra dimension that Stick It didn’t have. As Penny, you are exploring two worlds. Plus possessing people in a non-head turning/non-vomiting way is fun!!

Flipping Death may not be for everyone. If you can’t appericate bizarre Tim Burton humor, then this one won’t be for you. If you can embrace the humor, the Death, and the puzzling gameplay, then you should no doubt already be downloading this game.

I will have a review of Flipping Death sooner or later. For now, just know that this game is on the Nintendo Switch eshop as of today and its done by one of the best developers on the Switch. Thank you Zoink!


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