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Cursed to Golf

Do you like golfing? If you said yes, then there’s a new game you might want to check out! Cursed to Golf came out for the Xbox Series S recently and it’s a different take on the traditional golf game. Just how good is Cursed to Golf? Check out our review and find out!


Story and Gameplay

Cursed to Golf is a golf game…set in purgatory! Golf purgatory specifically! We’ll back up a little. You see, you are a golfer and you get stuck by lighting. Then you die. Instead of being sent to heaven or hell, you’re sent to the in-between place for golfers: Golf purgatory. You are CURSED TO GOLF until you beat all 18 holes. That should be pretty easy right? I mean you are a professional golfer who almost won a golfing tournament! Well…its not easy. In fact, its very, very hard. For those who find it to difficult you can always go and try shop indoor golf and do proper home setup.

This is not an ordinary golf game. Yes that’s obvious because of the story. But it goes beyond the story. The story is pretty neat, but the gameplay is even better.

Each golf course in Cursed to Golf is like a 2D dungeon. The courses are big and not straight forward at all. You can look ahead and see where the golf ball will go next but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll make it there. There are three different clubs to choose from and you’ll have strategically pick one to make it to each area and ultimately get the ball into the hall at the end of the course.

There are neat tricks you can use such as cards or the spin. A handy tutorial teaches you all about the gameplay and tricks at the beginning. The controls are easy to learn but hard to master. And if you fail any course at any time, you’ll have to go all the way back to the first hole!

Oh and did we mention that the courses change each time you play them?! Yes, Cursed to Golf has random “dungeons”. It’s a cool feature and adds a lot replay value to the game. It also makes it less frustrating when you have to go back and repeat some holes. The game can feel a little repetitive, but not too repetitive. Overall, Cursed to Golf is a really fun game.


Graphics and Sound

Cursed to Golf has 2D side scrolling graphics that are very colourful and detailed. This is a really good looking game! It is a bit creepy and a bit cute.

As for the game’s music, it tends more toward the cute side and less creepy. Its also overwhelming and needs to be turned down a bit. Thankfully there is an option in the menu to turn the music down.

Cursed to Golf is very good game overall.



Cursed to Golf is a fun, addictive game. You’ll find yourself saying one more round; you can get this next time. There are a lot of next times in this game but thanks to the random “dungeon” golf courses, it doesn’t feel too repetitive.

Instead, Cursed to Golf is a very unique take in the golf game genre. If you’re a golf game fan, you should check this one out for something a bit different!

Cursed to Golf gets an 8.0 out of 10

A digital code was provided for this review. Cursed to Golf is now available for the Xbox Series S!


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