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Abdallah Launches new Kids Channel

For a long time now, we have partnered with Abdallah, publishing numerous of his videos alongside our written content for most Nintendo titles in the last year or so. For both of us, this partnership allows us to expand our own bases, but we also get to talk a lot and enjoy great Nintendo content. I first found Abdallah through my kids, who would watch his numerous streams online for hours upon hours. I reached out, we connected, and have a great friendship and small partnership to show for it! Abdallah has grown considerably, even since when I first began following his work, and he’s recently expanded his base by offering an Abdallah Kids channel, which we will detail below.


Abdallah Kids looks and feels a lot like the original main channel, but allows kids to watch streams without his commentary over top. The older you get, the more you look for great YouTube personalities. Abdallah is a great YouTube personality, and even in his commentaries, he is always family friendly. I enjoy listening to him speak, but frankly, my kids could probably care less. Sorry Abdallah!

Now with Abdallah Kids, my own children can watch great Nintendo streams, in full screen – as when Abdallah chats with fans, his video only cover about 75-80% of the screen – and with the only sound being that of the game. It’s a great service that Abdallah is offering, and one that comes with more work. Hopeully for him, however, more work will be rewarded quickly in the future.

Here’s Abdallah’s take on the new channel:

[I want] to reach a wider audience and offer exclusive, supplemental, non-commentary content for more to enjoy!

If you want access to that exclusive content or have kids at home who should be looking a wholesome content like this, feel free to click here and subscribe to Abdallah Kids! Otherwise, you can find his main channel here!

Good luck on your future endeavours Abdallah! We look forward to seeing what’s next!



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