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7 Random and Interesting Facts about Slot Machines

We can all agree to the fact that the appeal of playing slot machine games is the fact that you can spin the reels, with the least amount possible and get rewarding wins.

Furthermore, there’s no need to memorize or master any complex rules and strategies; you simply select the coin level, a number of paylines you wish to bet on, hit the spin button, and watch as the symbols fall in place.


But as a frequent slots player, how often do you sit and think of the fun facts that the slot machines come with? Did you know the game is the most popular among players across Europe and the world at large? And how good do you know this game, which you often play online? You’ll be shocked to find out some interesting facts you thought you knew but never really knew!

While there are plenty of descriptive websites such as which give you information regarding slots and casino games, there’s none that will highlight the following facts about slot machines in brief.

7 Interesting Facts about Slot Machines


  • If you are looking for the country with the largest number of slot machines, visit….


You are probably thinking the United States, given the number of internationally known casinos as well as companies developing them. Well, before I knew the answer I didn’t immediately think of the US, but instead thought of the UK, where I see most of the pubs and shops having the fruit machines. When I asked my friend what he thought, he said it definitely had to be the US, UK or Australia!

What’s really interesting is the fact that none of the listed countries boasts of having the title of the most numbers. In fact, Japan boasts of having the most number of slot machines. It’s approximated that there are approximately 5 million, while the US has an approximate number of 800,000.

  1.  Where are Fruit symbols in the machines originated from?

Well, this time around, I won’t keep you guessing, and I’ll give it to you easy! The fruit symbols originated from one of the original slot machines developed by Herbert Mills, one of the pioneers in developing what we nowadays see as the slot machines.

In 1907, just a few years after the first ever slot machine was developed, a Chicago manufacturer by the name Herbert Mills introduced a three-reel one that he named the Operator Bell. Unlike the liberty bell, which was the name for the predecessor, the operator bell was coin operated and featured new features that included:

  • An ice cream making vending machine
  • A machine that dispensed Coca-Cola
  • It also had fruit symbols in it

In fact, the fruit symbols became so durable that some countries, including the UK, decided to refer to the slot games as the ‘fruit machines’.

  1.  There is no sure strategy or trick to win slot games

If you came to a casino, traditional or online, to play for money at exciting slot machines and to make bets , then we advise you to remember the main recommendations about a game.

I’ve come across different websites that promise players of workable strategies. There are also others that sell tips and tricks to players, promising them to earn huge rewards at the end of the day.

The truth of the matter, however, is that there is no trick or strategy that works with slot games. Why? And how comes other games have workable strategies? Well, the reason why no strategy will work with slot machine games is that the results generated are random. Thanks to the Random Number Generator, the results for both land based and online slot machines are completely random and independent of any spin. This applies to both real money and free games. The only thing you can count on to increase your chances of winning is lady luck and good management of your bankroll.

  1. They are referred with many names

Video slots or slot machines are usually referred by different names in different countries across the world. For instance, the Brits refer to them as the ‘fruit machines’. In Australia and New Zealand, they are referred to as the ‘Pokies’.

The classic name is the ‘one armed bandits’. Originally, this name was used to refer to some shady characters who had a way of stealing from the games. However, with time, the name was given to the machines themselves, given their nature of ‘stealing’ from players, with the comparison made to their ‘one arm’ lever.

  1. The megabucks slot machine man!

Securing one big win is always a good surprise. But securing two big wins, within a period of 16 years, on the same slot machine is another story on its own! This s what happened to a war veteran, who won twice while playing Megabucks.

In the first case, he won an astonishing €4.6 million while playing the game at The Cannery Casino in 1989, and 16 years later, he defied the odds to win $21 million while playing the same game! Talk about a sure-fire retirement plan.

  1. Even when not in play, the machines are always working

Sound surprised? Don’t be! To ensure the results are totally random and fair at all times, there is the RNG software always working, round the clock generating codes, which eventually determine the results of the game. This way, no player can cheat while playing slots.

  1. You can always win while playing games

Why are Slot Machines So Popular?

Contrary to the popular belief, you can always win real money while playing the games. All you have to do is look for a safe, secure and licensed casino, so you can be offered services that are fair!


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