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5 Best FPS Games for 2022

Video games are a pastime enjoyed by millions all over the world. They can be not only a fun time but also help you escape your busy and hectic life and relax for a while. While there are plenty of popular genres in gaming in 2022, first-person shooters (FPS) games are among the most popular.


Whether you play these competitively or just for fun with friends, they can bring a ton of enjoyment. But of the dozens of different FPS games being played, which are the best for 2022? Keep reading to find out.


While Valorant is not the first or the only hero shooter, it has breathed new life into space. It features a cast of bright and colourful characters and incredibly rewarding (yet unforgiving) combat. This game will really test your skills, and you need to ensure that your aim is on point.

Teamwork is a big part of the game, and the grind to improve your rank and build your skills can be a very difficult and rewarding one. It is fun to play casually but is definitely a game geared towards competitive play.

Outside of simply playing the game, there are also many Valorant Knife Skins that are fun to grind for and collect. The game offers a lot of fun and if you aren’t afraid of the match intensity, it might be the game for you.


Splitgate is certainly one of the most interesting choices on this list. If you have ever played Halo before, you will instantly be familiar with how this game plays, but there is one glaring difference. In addition to all the guns, weapons, and futuristic mechanics, this game also features portal guns that let you traverse the battle arena in ways not possible in other games.

This means the movement in this game is incredibly unpredictable and there are endless different ways to reposition yourself and attack your enemies. The games are action-packed, and there is never a dull moment when playing this game.

Escape From Tarkov

If you want an FPS game that features incredible realism, look no further than Escape from Tarkov. This PC game has players loot themselves up and attempt to survive and escape the battlefield. The combat in this game is very rewarding, and the player is given a ton of control over how their character moves throughout the map.

It is a very in-depth and deep game and one that you can certainly dig your teeth into for hours upon hours at a time. Between setting up bases, looting gear, fighting others, customizing weapons, and travelling through the map, there is always something to do.


Deathloop is a little different than some of the other FPS games here but is certainly worth including. It is an FPS where you control an assassin who is stuck in a time loop and needs to eliminate 8 targets before a certain time. If you miss one, the loop will reset and all work that has been done will be undone.

It is a challenging, fun, and fresh FPS game that really forces you to think and plan out your attacks. The gunplay is incredibly satisfying and learning the patterns of the different targets and what goes on in the world can be a wonderful experience.



Overwatch is without a doubt one of the most popular games on this list as millions of people play it monthly. It is an incredibly accessible game, features a diverse roster of characters, and there is a character that will suit just about any play style.

It plays similar to Valorant in some ways but with different maps, abilities, modes, characters, tactics, and skills. It is widely considered not only one of the best FPS games ever but also one of the best games ever. There are several game modes to choose from and whether you are looking for a competitive game, or simply want to play casually, this game has something for you.

While there are many great FPS games out there, these are the five that we believe are the best for 2022.


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