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What are the best Sports Games?

There’s no shortage of games out there, but when it comes to fun, competitive, group games that have their basis in reality, is there anything better than a good old sports game? You can grab your friends and have a night of takeout pizza, beer, and gaming. Not that they’re any less fun when you’re by yourself, however. The great thing about sports games — in fact, gaming in general — is that they suck you into another world. Even when you’re by yourself, you’re immersed in a competitive sports match. Below, we take a look at some of the best types of sports game to play. Give them a go!



Fighting it Out

There are some sports that are wonderfully fun to play. And then there are those that you’d rather leave to the professionals, and only enjoy on a computer screen. This is most definitely the case when it comes to any sort of fighting game. Who wants to go twelve rounds in a boxing ring, or head to head with a fierce fighter in a UFC cage? Much better to play these sports virtually. Try your hand at EA Sports UFC, or Fight Night. If you class wrestling as a sport, then there’s much fun to be had with the WWE line of games.

On the Pitch

The UK is a football-loving nation, there’s no doubt about it. But it does seem like we’re a little more committed to watching it on the screen, preferably in a pub, than we are actually playing it. And this makes some sense — it’s not really an activity you can do by yourself, and when everyone’s so busy with their jobs and families and so on, it’s not so realistic to grab people for a real match. Thankfully, we have Fifa to fill in the gap. There are few evenings more enjoyable than going head to head a stranger online — or a friend in real life — as you control your favourite football team. The only downside is that you can easily lose many hours, because it’s so absorbing.

Nothing But Net

There are some sports that are better to watch, some that are better to play in real life, and some that are better to play in gaming form. Basketball definitely falls into this latter camp. If you’ve ever been to a professional basketball game, you’ll know that, despite all the hype, it’s not all that exciting. And playing? Well, there isn’t too much of a culture of that in the UK anyway, and it takes time to learn. Better instead to load up the NBA game, and control these uber athletes yourself. There’s plenty of fun little side games you can play, and then there’s the old magic of going head to head with your friends. It’s the best way to experience basketball, in our opinion.

Fast-Paced Fun

Sometimes, we turn to gaming versions of sports because it’s just easier than actually playing the sport. But sometimes, it’s because it’s our only option. Take driving games, for example. It’s unlikely that we’ll have the money and resources to enter a driving race — they cost a lot of money, you know! Instead, we can look at gaming options. You don’t have to sink all your money into buying an expensive, sporty car when you can play drag racer v3. You’ll be able to choose and then customize your ideal vehicle, and then put it to the test in a drag race. If you’re a gear head who can’t quite afford to race in real life, then this is the next best thing.


We mentioned earlier about how basketball was one of those sports where it’s best to play in gaming form, rather than real life. Now, we don’t want to pick on the American sports too much, but basketball might fall into this category too. Or perhaps that’s too harsh — it’s not all that exciting to watch, but it is fun to play. But where do you go if you want to play baseball? We don’t know! Thankfully, the gaming versions of the sport are super fun and addictive, especially when you’re trying to nail your pitch or hit it out of the park. The best game to play is MLB The Show, which is released every year.

Even if you’re a generally active person, sometimes it’s just preferable to sit back and play your favorite sports from the comfort of your own couch. It’s still competitive, but you won’t need a shower afterwards.


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