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More Thoughts From Me #75: Building An Oasis

I had asked for Ever Oasis for my birthday. I didn’t think I’d get to play it until then. But sometimes, twitter finds a way. This time, I found a wonderful person on twitter who was giving away Ever Oasis for the 3DS. I got a digital code for the game and downloaded it! And I’ve been playing it a lot ever since. What do I think of Ever Oasis? Read on to find out!


I have more than 25 hours on Ever Oasis so far. I’m very addicted to this game!

Ever Oasis is an action/adventure/rpg. It has a dash of Zelda, a little bit of Harvest Moon, and a lot of fun. I saw someone on the internet compare the game to the Playstation classic Dark Cloud. I think thats a very fair comparision.

In Dark Cloud, the player built homes and explored dungeons. Ever Oasis has you “building” shops and exploring dungeons. The battle system in both games is an action/adventure one. There is a bit of rpg to both games too.

However, Ever Oasis isn’t just a homage or rip off of Dark Cloud. The graphics in both games are much different, the characters are not similar at all, and Ever Oasis features a lot of races where as Dark Cloud was more based around people.

The races in Ever Oasis give the game a unique feel. One of the creators of this game once worked on the Final Fantasy series and that shows. The characters of Ever Oasis remind me more of a Final Fantasy game than Zelda or Dark Cloud.

There are also other things that set this game apart from Dark Cloud. Ever Oasis dungeons feel more alive and specific than the random ones found in Dark Cloud. Also, in Ever Oasis, the main character has help in the dungeons. And each character, including the main character, have specific ablities that help out in the dungeons.

Thankfully, Ever Oasis lets you easily leave dungeons to go retrieve help and then come back to the place you left. The gameplay in Ever Oasis is so very addictive!

Exploring dungeons is really fun in Ever Oasis. You just never know what you’ll find in them. That said, building the Oasis is addictive too. Recruiting new characters for your Oasis and adding booths to your Oasis is just the start.

The Oasis has many things to do. There’s a garden to tend, characters to interact with, booths to restock, and even more things to do unlock as your Oasis gets bigger. More races will join your home all the time. I’m still not sure how big the Oasis can get! Ever Oasis is an amazing game.

Ever Oasis is definitely one of my favorite games this year so far. The variety of gameplay, the cool new locations to see, the awesome graphics, and the interesting story (did I mention that? I should have! Its great) all add together to create a really fun game.

If you have a 3DS, I highly recommend picking up Ever Oasis. Its one of the best games on the system!

Special Thanks to @Blackjacksuited on twitter for giving me a copy of Ever Oasis!

Next week: Nintendo has announced the SNES Classic Edition. How do I feel about this? I’ll talk about the system next week!

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. Time to get back to the Oasis!


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