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Super Mario Is King at JAKKS Pacific

As my kids began unboxing and reviewing toys on the The Nerdy Mouse Blog YouTube channel, we began looking for toys that would mesh well with what we are doing here on! And we finally broke through, getting a review opportunity from JAKKS Pacific to look at the 4 inch Super Mario action figures. Thanks to JAKKS, we had the chance to look at Latiku, Mario and Cappy, and of course, Captain Mario and a Moon. Are these toys worth the investment? Let’s take a look!


Both Mario figures come with 11 points of articulation, which means they are not just hard plastic toys with limited play-ability. My kids recreated as many Super Mario Odyssey scenes as they could, with each selecting a Mario; and when sitting on the couch and watching them play, it was clear they really enjoyed these toys. Add in Latiku with his fishing rod flying above, and hours of fun were had with just these three figures.

From the image above, you can see the JAKKS World of Nintendo line includes more than just the three mentioned characters; in fact, JAKKS has enough Mario toys to keep any fan busy for weeks, if not months! From 2.5 inch collectibles to a scaled replica of Peach’s Castle, there is no shortage of fantastic toys to enjoy from JAKKS. Here is a bit of what they say about their 4 inch lineup:

Collect all your favorite characters in the Super Mario 4″ line with up to 13 points of articulation. These authentic figures are sure to please kids and collectors alike with some of the most iconic Nintendo figures. Each figure comes with a secret power up accessory! Collect them all! For ages 3+.

What’s most impressive is the quality of the figures themselves. For roughly 9.99 USD, the value-for-dollar is definitely here. What we know about Nintendo is that they guard their franchises and characters, and put them under lock and key. If you want access, if you want that Nintendo seal of approval, you need to pump out a superior product. And JAKKS delivers on that in spades.

Even after hours of play – and frankly, my kids don’t play ‘nice’ with toys in general – the figures look like they were just taken out of the box. All the paint was still there, no noticeable scratches, and nothing broken off. Nintendo demands quality, and JAKKS makes quality. When you look closer at the figures, you begin to realize these are quality toys, and non knock offs that you can often find on eBay or other such sites. The paint is just short of perfection, with no bleeding from one part of the figure to another. This is the ultimate sign of quality.

We really hope future review opportunities are available from JAKKS Pacific, but take our word for it: these are quality figures. If you are looking to play with them, or grab them as collectibles, you will not be disappointed!


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