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If you love games like the recent TMNT Shredder’s Revenge and the classic game Contra, then Spidersaurs might be up your alley. Here is our review of Spidersaurs for the Xbox Series S!


In Spidersaurs, a laboratory has decided to create a new food source: genetically altered dinosaurs. And the food source has decided to fight back! So the lab gets two agents to go fight the dinosaurs. That’s the basic story of Spidersaurs.

The graphics are very Saturday morning cartoon like, in fact the whole presentation is! The game even has its own theme song! There’s an animated introduction and some nice, very corny introduction cutscenes. Spidersaurs has voice acting too and it corny and fits so well.

As for the gameplay, Spidersaurs is an 2D action side-scroller that plays a bit like Contra. You can choose between characters (or play two-player) and then you run, jump, and shoot dinosaurs across different missions set in wildly different locations. Spidersaurs has cool weapon powerups and you also get new powers, such as wall-climbing, as you progress through the game. Its a really fun game. It can be a bit hard in places but its much more forgiving than Contra, offering many more lives and a checkpoint during each mission.

Spidersaurs offers players a fun, sometimes challenging game that they’ll love if they are 2D shoot ‘em up fans and grew up on Saturday Morning TV.


If you liked the recent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game and you’re looking for another blast from the past style game, then Spidersaurs will hit the spot. The story and graphics are pure Saturday Morning cartoon fair and the gameplay is a lot like Contra. It is a really good game and well worth checking out if you’re a 2D shoot ‘em up side-scroller fan.

Spidersaurs gets an 8.0 out of 10

A digital code was provided for this review. Spidersaurs is now available for the Xbox Series X/S.


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