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Shantae and Shovel Knight Will Be DLC Characters for Blaster Master Zero

The Indie games love to include crossover characters. Just look at Runbow. Please, go ahead and look at Runbow. I’ll wait. …. Are you done yet? Alright. My point is that you’ll find Shantae and Shovel Knight (and others) in a lot of games that are not from the people who created them. And soon you’ll be able to add one more game to the list. Shantae and Shovel Knight are coming to Blaster Master Zero soon!

Shantae will join Blaster Master Zero for the Nintendo Switch and 3DS (yes its on 3DS too) eshop soon. How soon? She’ll be coming to the game tomorrow. The best news though is that she will be FREE to download from tomorrow, July 6, until July 19. After that, the Shantae DLC character will only cost $1.99.

Shantae brings her trademark transformation powers to Blaster Master Zero. In the video above, you can see her transform into a monkey and an elephant. The monkey can even climb walls! What a cool DLC character!!

But if Shantae isn’t enough for you, then you should keep an eye out for Shovel Knight too! He’ll be coming to Blaster Master Zero on August 5. He will be FREE to download from August 5 until August 16.

What’s so cool about Shovel Knight? Well, he has his shovel (of course), but he can also fish (what?!) and use a horn to inflict damage on enemies. You can use his shovel to dig, hit enemies, and other stuff.

Both characters are adding a lot to Blaster Master Zero. Its going to be really fun to play this game with both of these heroes.

Hey, Inti Creates, can I suggest Rusty (from Steamworld Dig) as the next DLC character?

Will you be downloading Shantae and Shovel Knight for Blaster Master Zero? I know I will. I have the game on the 3DS!


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