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Puzzle Fans Shouldn’t Tumble Past This Game: A Look At Tumblestone For Wii U

Late last week, I received a review code for Tumblestone for the Wii U. I’ve been playing it a lot ever since and really enjoying it. The game came out today for the Wii U. My review isn’t ready yet, but I’m hoping to have it up later this week or early next week. In the meantime, I thought I’d give you a preview of Tumblestone and tell you why you shouldn’t pass it by.

Its very rare that we see an original puzzle game on the Wii U or 3DS. Most puzzle games these days are all based on Tetris in some way. When I saw previews for Tumblestone, I got excited because it looked like a different kind of puzzle game. In fact, Tumblestone is very different and a lot of fun.

I don’t want to talk about everything that makes Tumblestone great or mention any of the games flaws today. Instead, I want to tell you what makes Tumblestone so unique. Its been awhile since we’ve seen a game that mixes fast paced action with strategy. Thats exactly what Tumblestone does though. In this game, you’ll have to think carefully about your next step. The goal of each puzzle here is to get rid of all the blocks. This sounds easier than it actually is. There is no time limit for each level, though some of the puzzles rush you along a bit by adding extra challenges. Even when you don’t feel a need to rush, you’ll be tempted to quickly get rid of blocks in order to get to the next puzzle. Rushing in Tumblestone is always a mistake.

Each Tumblestone puzzle is different. If you don’t get rid of the right blocks at the right time, you’ll get to a certain part of the puzzle where there are no moves left. Tumblestone can be a very challenging game. Some of these puzzles are complex and one wrong move will have you starting over. This game never stops being fun, but it can be frustrating at times. You must try to keep yourself calm and carefully plan out which blocks you’ll get rid of next. Though, in multiplayer, its a lot harder to take your time.

I haven’t had the chance to try out Tumblestone’s online multiplayer yet, but I did get to play a couple of rounds of its local multiplayer. Since I had played this game more than the other player, I won most of the games. In local multiplayer, you still have to be careful when getting rid of blocks. This is a lot tougher because if you are not quick enough, the other player will get rid of their blocks first and win. Multiplayer might be a harder challenge than single player even and thats saying a lot. I still found the local multiplayer to be a lot of fun though. Its important that puzzles games be both fun and challenging! Tumblestone pulls off both of those things.

Like I said earlier, this isn’t a review of Tumblestone. I’m trying to give you an idea of how great this game is. Yes, you can expect this game to get a high score. There is more right with Tumblestone than wrong with it. That said, no game is perfect and there are some things I wish were better about the game. When my full review is up, I’ll tell you what I think about the game’s graphics, gameplay as a whole, content, sound, and hopefully its online too. The review will either be up this week or early next week. If you’re a puzzle game fan though, you shouldn’t wait for my review to be done! Go get this game now! If you’re not necessary a puzzle game fan or you just want to know more about the game before buying it, I hope you’ll look forward to my review.

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